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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Sell Items



Jagged Alliance 3 - Sell Items

Players will get various items throughout the missions in Jagged Alliance 3. Clearing out the Legion enemies and looting the crates and hidden stashes around the area will allow players to get resources, crafting materials, ammunition, and valuables. Almost every item in the game is useful and is used somewhere at the point which restricts players not to sell the items. However, there are some items that players can sell to make some extra money on the side.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sell items in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Sell Items in Jagged Alliance 3

The items that are only allowed to be sold are the Valuables and Parts. Valuables consist of Diamonds and Relics that players will find while exploring the areas during the missions. Parts are found by various means but they are the most useable materials and resources in the game. Players will have to use Parts for the Modification of the Weapons, Crafting of Ammo & Explosives, Repairing of Items, and much more. Diamonds and Relics are sold for much more money than Parts and selling Parts is not recommended. To sell the Valuables and Parts, follow the following steps.

  • Open the Inventory by Pressing the I Button (by default).
  • Find the valuables or parts and Right Click on them.
  • Select the “Cash in” option to immediately sell them.

It is very easy to sell items in Jagged Alliance 3 as players don’t have to go to any shop or talk to any NPC to sell the items. However, there are only limited items to sell and for the rest of the items, players can put them in Junk or Scrap them to get Parts. Players can reuse the weapons, gear, resources, and materials for future use because hiring new mercenaries will also require new weapons and gear so, there is no use to junk or scrap them.

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