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Lords of the Fallen: How to Enter and Exit the Umbral World



LOTF: Enter and Exit the Umbral World

Lords of the Fallen is a new Souls-like game offering two parallel worlds to the players and allowing them to explore any world at any time. The two parallel worlds, Axiom and Umbral can be visited at any time but there are some restrictions coming back from Umbral as it is the dark reality of Axiom. Axiom is the real world where players will spend most of their time during the journey but switching realities is one of the main aspects of the game and players should learn the mechanics to both enter and exit the Umbral World in Lords of the Fallen.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to enter and exit the Umbral World in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Enter the Umbral World in Lords of the Fallen

Entering the Umbral World requires the Umbral Lantern which you get right from the beginning of the game. You can use the Umbral Lantern by pressing the Down button on the D-Pad and holding the LT/L2 button. There are four different actions that you can do while holding the Umbral Lantern and to enter the Umbral World, you need to perform Rifting by holding the X/Square button. It will transition you into the Umbral World from the Axiom World.

Not long into the tutorial, the game tells you to transition into the Umbral World to proceed ahead from the area because both realities have their differences and you might have to open paths and solve puzzles to progress in the Axiom World.

How to Exit from the Umbral World in Lords of the Fallen

Exiting from the Umbral World is difficult and cannot be done at any time. You can only exit from the umbral World at specific points. To exit from the Umbral World, you need to find the Emergence Effigy. Emergence Effigy is your key out of the Umbral World and you need to interact with it by pressing the A/X Button.

Emergence Effigies are located at specific points and require some progression in the Umbral World before you get to interact with them. While staying in the Umbral World, you will increase your Dread rate which increases the difficulty of enemies in the Umbral so, you might have to hurry before you get hunted by the undead creatures of the Umbral World.

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