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Lords of the Fallen: How to Use Ranged Weapons and Throwables



LOTF: Ranged Weapon and Throwables

Every class in Lords of the Fallen has its unique Ranged Weapon which plays a crucial role in the game’s combat system. Apart from using the primary weapons throughout combat, Ranged Weapon can make a difference in the fight by eliminating enemies from a distance or getting them low to eliminate them on your next heavy attack.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Ranged Weapons and Throwables in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Use the Ranged Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

You will get to use your selected class’s Ranged Weapon early in the game and learn how to use the Ranged Weapons along with the Throwables. To use the Ranged Weapon, players need to go into the Ranged Mode by pressing the Up button on the D-Pad and then holding the LT/L2 button. While in the Ranged Mode, you will be able to use the Ranged Weapon either by a quick shot or an aimed shot. To use the quick shot, press the RB/R1 button or press the RT/R2 button for the aimed shot.

How to Use the Throwables in Lords of the Fallen

Apart from the main Ranged Weapons, you can also use throwables that are found through exploration. When picking up a throwable item like Throwing Rocks, you need to first place it in a slot of your Throwing Hand before using it. To place the throwable items into the Throwing Hand slot, open the equipment menu and select any one of the three slots to place the throwable.

Once the throwable has been slotted, go to the Ranged Mode, and press the respective button (A/X, X/Square, or Y/Triangle) for the throwable to equip it. After that, simply use the throwable either by a quick shot or an aimed shot. The Catalyst classes cannot use the throwables as they can only cast up to 3 different spells as a ranged attack.

Using the Ranged Weapon/Throwables or Spells will use Ammunition or Mana. Ammunition or Mana bars are located beneath the Stamina bar and they will deplete upon usage of respective Ranged Attacks. Once the Ammunition or Mana has run dry, you will not be able to use any range attack for which you have to replenish the ammunition or mana.

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