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Lords of the Fallen: How to Replenish Ammunition or Mana



LOTF: Relenish Ammunition or Mana

Ranged Weapons and Throwables play a crucial role in the combat of Lords of the Fallen to tackle the enemies/bosses from a distance. However, every Ranged Weapon/Throwables and Spells can only be used for a certain number of uses and will require a replenishment of a respective bar. Ammunition in case of Ranged Weapon/Throwables and Mana in case of Spells.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Replenish Ammunition or Mana in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Replenish Ammunition or Mana in Lords of the Fallen

The Ammunition is for the Non-catalyst classes and Mana is only for the Catalyst classes. Non-catalyst classes can use both Ranged Weapons and Throwables whereas, the Catalyst classes can only use Spells. So, to replenish the respective bars for the Ranged Attacks of the classes, they require different consumables.

For the Ammunition bar, players need to use either an Ammunition Pouch or an Ammunition Satchel, and for the Mana bar, players need to use Manastone Clusters. Manastone Clusters are of two sizes and they replenish the mana according to the size.

These consumables can be found throughout the exploration or from defeating the enemies. Alternatively, all of these consumables can be bought from the merchants you will meet throughout your journey. It will cost your Vigor to buy all of the consumables and you can store them in your inventory for later use in your endeavor.

If you run out of consumables, then the last method to replenish Ammunition or Mana is by resting at the Vestige. It will replenish your health, cure all of the effects, and restore ammunition or mana.

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