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Lords of the Fallen: How to Soulflay Enemies and Obstacles



There are several unique mechanics in Lords of the Fallen and those are what differentiate it from the original Souls games. There are two parallel worlds in Lords of the Fallen in which you will get to venture from time to time to proceed ahead and unlock newer areas. The Umbral World, the dead reality of Axiom’s World filled with various undead creatures that you need to take care of as they will hunt you down aggressively the more you stay. To balance out things, the game offers a mechanic of Soulflay which allows you to expose the soul of enemies allowing you to deal wither damage to them by attacking the soul.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Soulflay Enemies and Obstacles in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Soulflay Enemies and Obstacles in Lords of the Fallen

Soulflay is one of the actions that you can perform with your Umbral Lantern and it can only be done in the Umbral World because Souls can only be exposed in the Umbral World. To Soulflay enemies or the Obstacles, you need to equip the Umbral Lantern by pressing the Down button on the D-Pad and holding the LT/L2 button. Once equipped, press the RS/R3 button to lock on to the enemy/target and press the RT/R2 button to Soulflay the locked enemy/target.

Soulflaying the enemies will expose their souls whereas Soulflaying the obstacle will remove it from the path, unlocking the path ahead as well as solving the puzzle. Performing the Soulflay action on enemies will consume a Soulflay Charge whereas, Soulflaying the Obstacles will not cost any charge. Soulflay Charges are limited and you will start with only one Soulflay Charge at the beginning but as you progress ahead, you will be able to increase the maximum number of Soulflay Charges.

However, despite the low Soulflay Charges at the beginning, it is important to recover the Soulflay Charges to increase the reusability of the action.

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