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Lost Ark: Best place to get Blue Mushrooms



Lost Ark: Best place to get Blue Mushrooms

Farming items like Mushrooms, Flowers, and Plants is a trade skill in Lost Ark called Foraging. These are non-combat abilities and help in gathering materials and resources to help in making potions and other crafting items.

The first level of the Foraging skill lets you farm plants. The next is level 10 which will let you farm Mushrooms. There are two other passive levels 20 and 30 that will increase your farm quantity and speed. While farming you will surely get the common farm items as well as a chance for uncommon and rare resources or materials items as well.

Lost Ark: Best place to get Blue Mushrooms

Lullaby Island

The best place you want to go to farm Mushrooms and get the Blue Mushrooms is the Lullaby Island near the Tortok and Anikka regions. The location for Lullaby Island is shown on the map.

Lost Ark: Best place to get Blue Mushrooms

Lullaby island is a soothing island with no enemies or monsters. The island is the best in terms of farming all types of resources from Flowers, plants and of course Mushrooms.

Tactic to gather most Blue Mushrooms

You have to complete a whole round of the Lullaby Island farming near the Wild Flower bushes where you’ll find most of the Mushroom areas. So, you have to farm the Mushrooms one by one by not missing any of the areas and complete the round of the Island.

Lost Ark: Best place to get Blue Mushrooms

You can use this route and farm at each area with the Mushrooms and also try to harvest other materials like flowers. This will increase your chances to get the Blue exquisite mushrooms.

Blue Mushrooms Crafting

Blue Exquisite Mushrooms can be used to craft the following items that require the Blue Mushrooms:

  • Awakening Potion
  • Campfire
  • Clay Grenade
  • Corrosive Bomb
  • Dark Grenade
  • Destruction Bomb
  • Electric Grenade
  • Flame Grenade
  • Flash Grenade
  • Frost Grenade
  • Sacred Bomb
  • Sacred Charm
  • Panacea
  • Marching Flag
  • Romantic Ingredient kit
  • Splendid Campfire
  • Splendid Clay Grenade
  • Splendid Corrosion Bomb
  • Splendid Dark Grenade
  • Splendid Destruction Bomb
  • Splendid Disguise Robe
  • Splendid Flame Grenade
  • Splendid Flash Grenade
  • Splendid Sacred Bomb
  • Splendid Sleep Bomb
  • Splendid Stealth Robe
  • Splendid Swift Robe
  • Splendid Taunting Scarecrow
  • Splendid Thunder Potion
  • Splendid Whirlwind Grenade
  • Sleep Bomb
  • Taunting Scarecrow
  • Whirlwind Grenade
  • Stealth Robe

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