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Lost Ark gear transfer



Lost Ark gear transfer

In Lost Ark, gear boosting is an important aspect of increasing your average item level. In this guide, we will look at Gear Transfer, which is indirectly related to Equipment Transfer.

What is Gear Transfer?

If you get armor pieces or weapons, you use the equipment boost to make the items more powerful. These upgrades are also known as +1, +2, etc. Every upgrade costs materials, and a big part of PvE content is farming those very materials.

If, for example, you drop a new weapon with higher quality or you get new armor with a higher rarity, then you would of course like to wear the new item.

In the following screenshot, I found a pair of quality 72 pairs of trousers. However, my old trousers only have +7 quality 49. For a few silver, I can transfer the +7 to the newly found trousers. The old trousers are destroyed in the process.

Gear transfer now allows you to transfer the levels of your existing item to the new one. This saves you from having to go through the entire upgrade process again with the new item.

Gear Transfer Limits

Items are assigned to tiers (“class” in the German client). Lost Ark currently knows items from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

You can easily transfer upgrades if both items are in the same tier. If you transfer your items from eg Tier 1 to an item from Tier 2, there is a heavy penalty. I will test it in the live version, but a +15 tier 1 item should only give 2-3 levels on tier 2.

This is because each tier has its own upgrade materials. If you get to a higher tier, you start again at “+0” and 0 materials.

How much does the Gear transfer cost?

Silver only. If it’s of interest, I’ll include a table with the costs here.

Where can I transfer gear?

In Castle Vern in the Artisan Quarter (bottom right of the map) you will find Senard. You also upgraded your previous items with him.

If you talk to him, you will find the “Equipment transfer” tab at the bottom of the dialog.

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