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Lost Ark: How to play the MMO with your friends



Lost Ark: How to play the MMO with your friends

The Korean online role-playing game Lost Ark can easily overwhelm newcomers with its countless menus. How do I find my friends? How do I create a group and then how can I leave it? And can I actually share my quests? To ensure that playing with your friends runs smoothly from the start, we have put together a short guide for you.

How do I send a friend request?

To add your fellow players to your friends list in Lost Ark, first open the menu with the escape key and select the “Friends” option in the community column on the right. Alternatively, click on the Community tab at the bottom of the game and select “Friends” or open the Friends menu by pressing the U key.

Here you can now send out friend requests. Make sure that you have to look for your fellow players by their in-game character names – not by their user or account names.

You can also add your friends via chat with the command /addfriend [playername] or /invitefriend [playername]. Now all you have to do is wait for them to accept your request.

How do I find my friends?

In order to be able to play together with your friends, you must first find each other in the game. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Server: Make sure your characters are all on the same server.
  • Channel: Each server has multiple instances called channels. You must be on the same channel to see your friends in-game. You can see your channel on the top right above the minimap. If there are still enough free places available, you can also switch to another channel. If you don’t see a channel display in the top right, it’s because you’re still in the prologue and you have to finish it first before you can meet other players and, accordingly, your friends in the world.

How do I invite friends to my group?

Once you have added your fellow players to your friends’ list, there are several ways in which you can invite them to a shared group.

  • Via the friends’ menu
    • First, open the menu with the U key or via the “Community” tab at the bottom of the screen. Now right-click on the name of your friend that you want to add to your party and select “Group Invite”.
  • Via chat
    • With the commands /inviteparty [playername] and /invite [playername] you can also send out a group invitation to your friends.
  • If the friend is nearby
    • If you already see your friend’s character in the game world, you can also simply hold down the Ctrl key and right-click on the player. A drop-down menu also opens here and you can select »Group invitation«.

Note that only the party creator can add other players to the same party. If you don’t want to receive any group invitations, you can set the settings under the “Community” and “Notifications and requests” tabs so that the game automatically rejects any invitations for you.

How can I kick someone out of the group?

If you no longer want a player in your party, the group creator can kick him again at any time. This can be done as usual either by right-clicking on the player name or in the chat with the commands /partyban [player name] or /ban [player name] .

If you are not the party creator, you can use the /voteban [playername] command in chat to vote for a player to leave. The player will only be kicked if all players vote for it. If you abstain from voting, that counts as a dissenting vote.

How can I leave a group?

If you want to leave a party yourself, you can do so in chat using the commands /leaveparty or /leave. Or you can hold down the Ctrl key and right-click on your name. Select »Leave group« from the drop-down menu.

Are quests shared with the group?

There is no command in Lost Ark to share quests with your party members. If you play in a group, there are certain quests that only have to be accepted by one group member and are automatically shared with the group. This includes, for example, tasks for which you have to kill a certain number of monsters. Progress on these quests also counts for the entire party. Other quests have to be accepted and processed individually by each party member.

There are also quests that you can’t tackle as a group. These occur especially during the main story. In these instanced areas you are alone and only return to your group after completion. So be prepared that you can’t do everything together with your friends, especially in the leveling phase, and that you often have to play alone.

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