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Lost Ark: How to play the MMO with the controller



Lost Ark: How to play the MMO with the controller

Fancy jumping into the MMO Lost Ark for release on February 11, but want to spare your carpal tunnel? Then we have good news for you: You can play the entire online role-playing game with a controller of your choice.

In this guide, we explain how you connect it to Lost Ark and how the action RPG plays with it.

Which controllers are compatible?

In the Lost Ark game menu, we only find the information that Xbox controllers are supported. But we were also able to play the MMO with a PS4 Dualshock without any problems. Some players also report that they have already played Lost Ark with the PS5 controller and gamepads.

A small disadvantage for non-Xbox users: However, the key assignments are always displayed in the game for the Xbox layout. So you have to rethink which Xbox button corresponds to which button on your controller.

Connect controller to Lost Ark

Sometimes it’s very simple: just plug it in. start playing However, if that doesn’t work right away, there are a few settings you can turn around.

Steam settings

First, open your Steam app and click on “Steam” in the top left and then on “Settings”. Open the »General Controller Settings« here. Make sure that the correct configuration wizard for your controller is selected here.

Lost Ark settings

If your controller still doesn’t work in-game, it’s possible that controller support is turned off. You can switch this on and off at any time in the options. Press the escape key to get to the menu and select the gear for the settings. Under the Gamepad tab, click the Interact tab. Here you can now check the “Use gamepad” box, which activates controller support.

How does Lost Ark play with the controller?

Run and Dodge: Use the left stick to move your character. Use the X button (PlayStation) or the A button (Xbox) to perform your dodge roll.

Abilities: Your character’s abilities activated with Q, W, E, R, and A, S, D, F on the keyboard are distributed to the controller’s left shoulder buttons. Hold LB/L1 to choose an ability from the top row and LT/L2 to choose from the bottom row. Each of the skills is also distributed over the keys A, B, X, Y (Xbox) or X, circle, square, triangle (PlayStation).

So if you want to use the ability assigned to the Q key on the keyboard, you press LB+X (Xbox controller) or L1+Square (PlayStation controller).

If you use an ability that requires you to select an opponent with the mouse, Lost Ark supports you when playing with the controller with an auto-lock function. You can then use RT/R2 to jump back and forth between enemies.

Potion and Item Quickslots: The quickslots work similarly to the abilities, but are split between the right shoulder buttons. So hold down RB/R1 for the upper row and RT/R2 for the lower row and also press the button A, B, X,Y or X, circle, rectangle, triangle assigned to the item.

Change weapon set: You can rotate the weapon set with the square and circle keys or with the Y and B keys.

Interact: If you can interact with an NPC or an item, press the left stick to do so. This corresponds to the G key on the keyboard. This also allows you to switch the dialogues on, for example.

Mouse pointer: You can also use a mouse pointer with the controller when you need to navigate through menus or the inventory or hover over an enemy to learn more about him. You control the mouse pointer with the right stick of your controller. Press the right stick to click something. By the way, you can also steer your hero through the world in this way.

You can of course view the controls and all key combinations at any time in the settings under the “Gamepad” tab.

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