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Lost Ark Shadowhunter Leveling Guide



Lost Ark Shadowhunter Leveling Guide

The advanced Shadowhunter class is a rogue capable of dealing melee and medium-range damage, with a lot of speed. This makes these characters perfect for clearing masses of mobs instantly. A good flurry of hits can stack up a lot of damage, and they can also temporarily transform into a giant demon, which can wreak havoc on large groups or leave stronger enemies to their knees. This is one of the best classes in the game, especially when it comes to getting to know Lost Ark.

  • Attack power: 3/6.
  • Mobility: 3/6.
  • Range: 3/6.
  • Support: 0/6.
  • Defense: 2/6.

Best PvE Build – Shadowhunter

For the PvE build of the Shadowhunter, we are going to look for a configuration that allows us to do a lot of damage at full speed, but that is achieved by chaining attacks. This allows us to quickly retreat before launching the next phase of our assault, rather than risking it all on one hit. With the improvements indicated, we manage to launch abilities much faster than normal, increasing the damage even more.


sharp cut
excellent mobilityInfiltration Attack

quick preparation power of usurpation

Chain to grind
setup Vital point impact

quick preparation pivotal blow cruel hand

demonic grip
quick preparation power of usurpation

Demon Slash
excellent mobility agile mobility

demon vision
concentrated release Electric shock instant download

demon clone
Vital Point Impactchain attack Improved usurpation release

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