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Lost Ark: The best way to get Harmony Shards



Lost Ark: The best way to get Harmony Shards

Lost Ark Harmony Shards are used as end-game gear set to level up items. There is no limit on collecting Harmony Shards. As it is a valuable item in the end-game. So, you will have to grind your way to get them in a large amount to be able to upgrade your end-game gear set.

Harmony Shards are making your character stronger as you are upgrading your gear set in the end-game. In this guide, you will know to find the best way to get the Harmony Shards to be able to make your character stronger and level up.

The best way to get the Harmony Shards is by doing exchanges.

Bloodstone Exchange

For the Bloodstone exchange, you can go to the guild, and there go to the guild NPC and you can do guild activities and also you can donate to the guild. In the exchange, you can receive Harmony Shards.

Bloodstone Exchange

Pirate Coins exchange

For the pirate coins exchange, you can do the ports of the main cities on the continent and go to the traveling merchant ship. In the shop, you can use pirate coins to exchange for the Harmony shards.

Chaos Dungeon exchange

For the Chaos Dungeon exchange, after you have done your two daily Chaos Dungeons you can do them again for getting the Chaos tokens. You can use these at Magick Scholar Jeneca to exchange and get Harmony Shards.

There are some more activities that you can use to get the most out of the Harmony Shards.


You can go to the Tower and there are Floors, each Floor rewards useful items and they reward Harmony Shards. You can do each Floor to get their rewards. You will get a decent amount of Harmony Shards from doing the Floor in Tower.


Chaos Legion

You can do Chaos Legion once a day. You can check your notification in the top left corner and select Chaos legion in the available time and you will get the map. You can go alone or link the map in the chat and go in a group to gather your Harmony Shards from the event.

Hard mode Dungeons

You can do Dungeons in hard mode, even if you have done them once in normal mode. You will get the normal rewards and doing hard mode will again grant you more rewards that will give a decent amount of Harmony Shards.

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