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Metroid Dread producer shares the key to why the game has taken so long to arrive



The new Metroid Dread report confirms that there will be a new trailer next week

Exciting details related to Metroid Dread keep coming back. In this case, it is a really interesting message for fans of the game.

As we have learned, the game developers have shared with Famitsu why this delivery has taken so long. The information has now been offered by Yoshio Sakamoto, producer of this installment.

We leave you with his words:

Question : Metroid Dread has been rumored for many years. Why did this game take so long to launch? Has it been in development for a long time?

Sakamoto : No, that’s not the case. Actually, I had a concept for 15 years, but I thought that this concept would not work with the technology and hardware performance at the time, so I started development, but stopped in the middle. After that, I had another chance, but even then I stopped again because it didn’t look exactly how I had imagined. After that, I did the previous work Metroid: Samus Returns with Mercury Steam Entertainment, and meeting them was the catalyst for the development of Metroid Dread this time.

When I developed the previous work together, I discovered that their abilities and senses are wonderful, and that it was a really very good team, and I believed that it was a team that could work together with us towards a great goal … So the reality is that they passed 15 years before the conditions to develop Metroid Dread were met.

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