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Minecraft Legends – How to Repair the Fountain




As you play along the main campaign of the game, you will see that each of the villages that were attacked by the Piglins will have a defective Fountain. You will have to repair the fountain in order to progress ahead so, you can start building the defenses around the village.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to repair the Fountains in Minecraft Legends.

Repairing the Mountain

If you have reached the Overworld, you will be given an objective to defeat the Piglins that are attacking a village nearby. Once you have reached the village, you need to take down every Piglin in the village. Once you have done that, you will see that the defense of the village will be 0 and in order to build the defenses, first, you will have to repair the defective fountain.

To repair the fountain, you will be needing a structure named “Carpenter Hut”. The carpenter Hut will automatically unlock at this point and you will have to build it near the beam of light in the village. Look for the light and then press the C Button to go into the “Building Hotbar”. Now, select the Carpenter Hut from your structure recipes and place it on the beam of light. It will cost the following resources.

  • 150x Wood
  • 150x Stone
Build the Carpenter Hut

If you don’t have enough resources, go to the trees and stones near the village and order your Allays to gather the resources for you. Once you have the resources, place down the Carpenter Hut and the Fountain will be repaired. It will be the first step to start building the defenses for the village. Now, you will be able to place the Walls and Towers in and around the village to increase the defenses.

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