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Minecraft Legends – How to Get Lapis




Lapis is one of the important resources in the game because it is mainly used in crafting different structures as well as spawning Golems. Each Golem will require 1x Lapis so if you are spawning 20 Golems then you will be needing 20x Lapis.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends.

Getting Lapis

Lapis is a bright blue stone that can be found in the Village Chests scattered throughout the villages in the Overworld. However, the easiest way to get Lapis is by killing Piglins. Defeating Piglins in their outposts or out of their outposts will drop a handful number of Lapis. As you defeat Piglins, they will drop Lapis, and make sure to collect them before they disappear.

They are very hard to miss so, make sure to slash the Piglins and then just run over the Lapis to collect it. Each Lapis you collect will be stored in your inventory. To get a high number of Lapis, you will have to defeat a huge number of Piglins in a battle. The higher and tougher Piglins you defeat, the more Lapis you will get from them.

Get lapis by defeating Piglins

After securing a village from the Piglins, you will get access to the Village Chest. You can loot the Village Chest to get the resources and each Village Chest will be restocked over time by the villagers. You can come later to the village to get resources, again and again, to restock on Lapis and other useful resources.

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