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Minecraft Legends – How to Heal




Minecraft legends is an action-adventure game in which you will take down the Piglins to save the overworld. As you progress in the main story of the game, the things can get difficult as you will be facing a large number of Piglins at the same time. You can easily get low on your HP for which you have to heal to regenerate your HP.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Heal in Minecraft Legends.

Healing in Minecraft Legends

There are different methods through which you can heal your Hero in Minecraft Legends. The very basic method is that stay away from the fight or danger and your Hero will automatically regenerate its health gradually. If you are hurt and if you want to heal yourself, just order your Golems to take care of the Piglins and then leave the battlefield for a couple of minutes until your Hp is fully regenerated.

Another method to regenerate your Hp is by finding the Blue Pillars. These Blue Pillars are spread across the Overworld and you will find them almost every near village and Piglin Outposts. To heal your Hero more quickly, you just need to go close to the Blue Pillar. Your hero’s HP will regenerate more quickly than the regular regeneration speed. They are very useful so, if you are low on Hp and you have come along a Blue Pillar make sure to stop by the pillar to refill your HP.

Blue Pillars

The last method to heal your character as well as the Golems (your army). You can spawn a Golem named “Mossy Golem”. These Golems are the support golems which will clear the debuffs off your allied mobs as well as heal them gradually overtime. If you stay close to the Mossy Golems, your hero will also get Heal from them.

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