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Minecraft Legends – How to Unlock Village Chests



Village Chest

One of the most important aspects of Minecraft Legends is gathering Resources. Resources will let you build the structures and defenses around the village to defeat the Piglins from attacking the village again. There are a number of advantages to saving the village and one of the most useful advantages is unlocking the Village’s Chest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Village Chests in Minecraft Legends.

Unlocking Village Chests

The Village Chests will let players get normal resources as well as rare resources. By looting the Village Chests, you will get a random number of resources. However, in order to get the Village Chest, you will have to save the Village from the attacks of Piglins. You need to open your map to look for the village that is under attack. The under-attack village will be marked with red symbols.

Place your marker on the village and go to the village to save the villagers from the attack. When you have defeated all of Piglins, the villagers appreciate your help and will leave you a gift in form of resources inside the Village Chest. Village Chest will be located under the Water Fountain. If the fountain is defective, you will have to repair the fountain.

Once the fountain is repaired, the Village Chest will be marked with a Golden Light. Go to the Chest and interact with it to loot the chest. You will get rare resources along with Wood and Stone that will help you craft defenses and other useful structures for the battle.

The villagers will also restock the Village Chests with the resources so, make sure to come back to the village and loot the chest to gain extra resources for yourself.

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