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Minecraft Legends – How to Spawn Golems



Spawn Golems

Golems are a part of your army who will help you take down the Piglins in the campaign as well as the other real players in the Multiplayer/PvP mode of the game. There are a number of Golem Types in the game that players will get as they progress through the game but the spawning method for all of the Golems are same.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to spawn Golems in Minecraft Legends.

Spawning Golems

The Golems can only be spawned by placing their specific spawner. As an example, if you want to spawn a Cobblestone Golem, you will have to place the Cobblestone Golem Spawner. Each of the Golem Spawners will also cost a required number of resources. To place the Golem Spawner, you will have to go into the “Combat Hotbar”. Press the X Button to go into the combat Hotbar and you will see the unlocked Golems in your inventory.

Select the Golem Spawner you want to spawn and then press the Right Click to go into the Building Mode. Place the Spawner near your position and then press the Left Click to confirm the placement of the spawner. Now, you need to go to the Spawner and you will get three options.

  • Recall
  • Remove
  • Spawn

Select the Spawn option to spawn 1 Golem from the Spawner. If you select the spawn option repeatedly, it will spawn more Golems for your assistance. It is better to spawn more Golems before going to take down the territory of the Piglins. Use the Rally Flag to order Golems to follow you. Press the Q Button to call golems and they will keep following you until you press the Q button again. You can also order them to take point by pressing the E Button.

Order Golems

You can create different strategies with your spawned Golems to take down the territory of the Piglins as well as the other real players.

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