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New World: Server problems at launch, what is the current status?



New World: Server problems at launch, what is the current status?

New World has officially started, and thousands of players happily roam the virtual expanse of the new adventure playground – at least in theory. In practice, the situation is unfortunately different at the moment, because most buyers are currently not even getting into the game, but are stuck in the queue.

The servers are currently overloaded. A phrase heard in many online games on the day of launch, and New World is, unfortunately, no exception.

Amazon promises more servers and free character transfers

New and thicker servers planned: After the launch of New World went haywire, the developers at Amazon Game Studios have already promised improvement. More and more new servers should be opened and their capacity increased at the same time in order to cope with the huge influx of players.

Free character transfer is coming: In addition, Amazon Game Studios want to offer a free server transfer – so that you can move your character to another server for free. There is no specific date for this yet, currently, there is only talk that it should be ready in the next two weeks .

New World Launch Ticker: What is the current situation?

Update – September 29, 7:50 p.m.: On the official website, all servers are displayed as online and not full. However, players from the GameStar editorial team are in a long queue, even though it is a new server. So currently you still have to expect to have to wait before entering the game.

Update – September 29th, 3:45 pm: The queues filled up again in the afternoon. On low-capacity servers, you currently have about 700 players in front of you (estimated 1 hour 40 waiting time), on heavily used up to 4000 (46 hours waiting time).

Update – September 29, 11:30 a.m.: Although there are still queues depending on the server, many now get by without waiting. That can change at any time, however, because the workload is extremely high on all of them. Amazon has meanwhile responded with a statement on the server situation:

The enthusiasm for the publication of New World has proven to be overwhelming for us, but at the same time we are humble towards it. The response from the players and the number of visitors to Aeternum on day 1 exceeded our expectations. We understand that as a result, there will be delays for some players to get into the game.

Our only focus now is that everyone can log in and play. We’ll add servers for each region at short notice as needed and update players as soon as the new servers go online. We are also working on the log-in problems, which have largely been responsible for the long queues since the launch.

Update – September 29th, 9:15 am: A new day is dawning and at least for the moment it seems to be running quite smoothly with the New World servers. According to our own observations, the current population of the respective servers is high, but up to 80 percent of them manage without queues.

Still, fans shouldn’t rejoice too soon. It is to be expected that problems could arise again during the rush hour during the day. Bottlenecks are likely to arise again at lunchtime or at the latest after work and school leave. We will of course stay tuned and keep you up to date!

Update – September 28th, 5 p.m .: Just in time for many budding adventurers to finish their work, we do the check: How do the queues look now, are the servers still down, or is everything working now?

The sad answer: Unfortunately no, the servers are still far too full to allow access to all players. There are now even people who are in a waiting position beyond the 11,000. The situation is particularly annoying for people who finally found themselves on number 1 after a long wait, only to be kicked out with an error message and end up at the end of the queue again.

The developers are aware of the situation and have further servers in prospect to solve the problems. Apparently, the servers are designed for a maximum of 2000 players at the same time. If this limit is correct, it would be no wonder that a lot of patience is still required, especially in Europe. After all, there are currently no servers down, which would further exacerbate the situation.

Update – September 28, 1:45 p.m .: Once again, more servers for our region will be added, as the developers announced in the forum and via Twitter: Aaru, Gladsheim, Pyrandia, Vaikuntha, and Panchaia. Now we can only hope that the queues will finally become noticeably shorter as a result.

Update – September 28th, 10:25 am: All EU servers will be restarted at 10:30 am! The only exceptions are the servers Baltia, Tanje, Amenti, Ravenal, Utgard, Albraca, Hellheim and Hades. The developers just announced this in the official forum. A downtime of around 15 minutes is expected .

Update – September 28th, 10 am: As the developers announced via Twitter, the Twitch integration in the game was initially deactivated because problems were encountered – it is unclear whether these are related to the server load.

More and more gamers are complaining that servers are put into maintenance mode without warning and suddenly they are thrown out of the queue after hanging out for a long time.

Original message: If you want to play New World, you need a lot of patience at the moment. The queues are in the four-digit range, on the Utgard server it was even possible to break the 10,000 mark for a short time. The only thing left for the impatient is to prove that they are virtually seated and to attend one of the streams on Twitch. Some streamers have already found their way into the game and can get started – incidentally, there should have been no preferential whitelisting.

Some servers have already surrendered temporarily under the onslaught and completely stopped their service, at least for a short time, such as Utgard, Albraca, and Learad. The situation will probably only improve once the server capacities are expanded. You can see the current server status here .

How long do I have to wait approximately? If you are also in the queue, you are probably mainly interested in how much longer you have to wait. There is no precise conversion of the queue position into the required waiting time, but we try to give you at least a rough direction:

One player reported that it took him almost exactly 30 minutes from position 7200 to 6600. That would result in about 20 places per minute. As I said, this is only a guideline, which also depends on what the technicians are doing on the servers in the background.

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