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Nintendo Shares Tons Of New Metroid Dread Details In Its Second Official Report



Nintendo Shares Tons Of New Metroid Dread Details In Its Second Official Report

Here comes interesting details related to one of the most anticipated games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We are talking about Metroid Dread.

In the text that we leave you below, from Nintendo, they offer us content related to the second report of the game, which focuses on the E.M.M.I and more. Remember that this morning we received its gameplay.

Here it is:

In this installment, we will focus on the threat that looms over Samus Aran: the E.M.M.I In their day, they were sent by the Galactic Federation on a reconnaissance mission, but these robots so large and agile, as well as deadly, are now dedicated to hunting down Samus relentlessly.

Read on to find out more about these mighty machines and the changes they bring to the world of Metroid …

What are E.M.M.I?

An Interplanetary Multiform Mobile Explorer (or E.M.M.I) is an agile robot designed to reconnoiter the terrain and extract DNA from the samples it collects. The Galactic Federation sent several of them to the unknown planet ZDR to investigate the X parasite, a life form capable of taking on the appearance of other organisms. However, contact with the E.M.M.I was lost when they arrived at ZDR.


When Samus crosses paths with the E.M.M.I on her mission to clarify what is happening in ZDR, she notices that the robots’ behavior and purpose appear to have been altered.

~ Development team transmission ~

E.M.M.I is a Galactic Federation robot, so in theory, they shouldn’t be Samus’s enemies. However, the E.M.M.I our heroine encounters identify her as a target and pursue her without giving her a break. We believe that the fact that E.M.M.I lack feelings, combined with their incredible power, will make players shiver with fear. ”

What happens if Samus is caught?

E.M.M.Is move freely within their zones. Depending on what their sensors detect, they are programmed to perform up to three different actions, differentiated by the color of the light that shines on their heads.

  • Patrol mode (blue light)

Go through the area without having detected Samus.


  • Surveillance mode (yellow light)

Investigate a suspicious vibration.

samus vibrate

  • Pursuit mode (red light)

Chase Samus at high speed after spotting her.

samus team

If the E.M.M.Is catch Samus, it is very likely that she will not survive. Be very careful and avoid being detected while exploring the E.M.M.I zones.

samus robot

Development team transmission ~

If the E.M.M.I claw at you, you have a tiny chance of saving your skin. Execute a counterattack at the precise moment the E.M.M.I open to attack you. Of course, the interval is so short that it is practically impossible to execute the kickback successfully. In short, better safe than sorry: don’t let them catch you! ”

Don’t worry, there is always a checkpoint nearby, which will be of great help if things go wrong and Samus is captured.

E.M.M.I zone doors

E.M.M.I are held in their assigned E.M.M.I areas. These areas are separated from the rest of the world by doors that only Samus can pass through.

The doors will lock when the E.M.M.I visually detect Samus and start chasing her. To open them again, you will have to make the E.M.M.I lose track of you.

Development team transmission ~

“The areas where you have to deal with E.M.M.Is are limited. What a stress if you had to deal with this stress continuously! ”

“When you enter an E.M.M.I zone, the layout of the terrain, and the location of the gates will be recorded on the map, helping you decide your path. Don’t forget to stay calm and check the map when you enter one of these areas. ”

New Skill: Spectral Camouflage

Spectral camouflage is one of Samus’s new Aeion abilities: it is an optical camouflage that makes her invisible. As long as this ability is activated, Samus will be able to move without causing the slightest noise. The optical sensors of the E.M.M.I will not detect it either.

Samus can activate this ability by consuming a special type of energy called Aeion. However, if Samus walks or takes any other action while using this ability, the Aeion energy will be spent more quickly. If it is completely depleted, Samus will still be able to use the spectral cloak, but it will cost her own energy. Manage these resources very carefully.

~ Development team transmission ~

“Thanks to the spectral cloak, you will not only prevent the E.M.M.I from discovering Samus, but you will also be able to pass through doors that close when a human is detected.”

“This ability is useful against all sorts of enemies, not just E.M.M.I, so you may want to save it for specific moments if you are low on energy.”

Are E.M.M.Is invincible?

E.M.M.I’s protective armor is made from the toughest materials in the universe and is capable of repelling Samus’ basic attacks.

However, by drawing power from the central units (the computers that manage each E.M.M.I zone), Samus’ cannon will temporarily boost, becoming the Omega Cannon, allowing her to fire the Omega Burst and Omega Blast. E.M.M.Is are defenseless against both attacks.

Omega Burst

When Samus has the Omega Cannon activated, press and holds the L button to aim, and without releasing it, press the Y button to fire the Omega Burst, a powerful rapid-fire attack. Hit the E.M.M.I head repeatedly to overheat the protective shield. When you destroy it, it will expose the core, which is the weak point of the E.M.M.I.

Download omega

Hold down the R button while aiming the Omega Cannon to charge a shot. When fully charged, press the Y button for a deadly omega blast. Hit the exposed core of E.M.M.I to kill it. As soon as you defeat the E.M.M.I, the Omega Cannon will revert to Samus’s regular Cannon.

~ Development team transmission ~

Samus cannot move while preparing the omega discharge. You must overcome your fears as the deadly E.M.M.I approaches and load the weapon, then unload all its energy and finish off the enemy. You will notice how the tension builds within you, but if you manage to execute the attack successfully, you will feel incredible satisfaction. ”

How many E.M.M.Is are there?

Several E.M.M.Is were shown in the presentation trailer, including two different colored models and one that was broken.

However, on the game’s cover, the shadows of seven E.M.M.Is appear behind Samus. It seems there are more robots than we thought!

~ Development team transmission ~

“Each E.M.M.I has different skills and you will surely wonder which ones in particular.E.M.M.Is still harbors many mysteries… but we will save them for another time. ”

In the next installment …

In the next Metroid Dread report, we’ll talk about seven keywords that define “Metroid.” It will be available shortly!


Insiders point to a high-profile new Microsoft purchase



Insiders point to a high-profile new Microsoft purchase

Blogger SKULLZI, previously noted for a number of truthful leaks regarding Starfield, said he had heard “crazy rumors” about a potential new Microsoft purchase.

The insider did not confirm anything and warned users to blindly believe any publications on this topic, but noted that if the information turns out to be true, it could cause heated discussions regarding the laws on monopoly in the market .

“I’m hearing CRAZY RUMORS about another big potential Microsoft purchase. I don’t want to say anything specific because I don’t even know if this is true, but damn it.

“There will likely be fake leaks and clickbaits regarding a potential new Microsoft purchase, but don’t believe anything other than official sources. It’s hard to tell from the outside what is true right now.”

“I predict that many internet lawyers will be debating monopoly laws in the near future.”

Notably, shortly before that, an Xbox SMM specialist under the nickname Stein had clearly hinted at some impending news that should cause surprise. In an already deleted tweet, the manager described his reaction after the past work meeting with a hype image of Chris Pratt’s astonished face from a popular meme.

Other insiders and journalists, including XboxEra author Nick Baker and Tom Warren of The Verge, also seem to know a thing or two.

Recently, Windows Central editor Jez Corden, revealed during The Xbox Two podcast that he had heard from several reliable sources about Microsoft’s possible purchase of Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns 2K Games and Rockstar Games studios.

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It is now almost every day that big games are postponed. The reason is almost always the working conditions during the pandemic. Rumors of a postponement of Battlefield 2042 have come to a head in recent days. Now there is an official announcement from EA.

Battlefield 2042 will be postponed to November

EA announced in a press release that the planned release of Battlefield 2042 will be postponed to November 19, 2021 (source: Electronic Arts ). DICE studio boss Oskar Gabrielson explained that his team is still working from home. Under these circumstances, they felt compelled to postpone the release date. The developers want to use the five additional weeks to be able to deliver a satisfactory result.

You have to wait a little longer for the new specialists from Battlefield 2042:

Competitor Call of Duty now appears first

This year, the two shooter greats Call of Duty and Battlefield will appear again in the same period. Due to the postponement of Battlefield, this happens even in the same month and CoD presents. Vanguard is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2021, two weeks before Battlefield. However, it is not yet known when the integration into Activision’s hit game Warzone will take place. Nevertheless, two of the most successful shooter franchises vie for the players’ favor in November.

Battlefield Open Beta rumor

According to the well-known leaker Tom Henderson, the open beta of Battlefield 2042 has also been postponed. According to his information, the early access to the beta will start on October 6, 2021, and the regular start two days later (source: Twitter ). However, there is no official information about the Open Beta, but EA announced in the press release that it would publish further details at the end of the month (September 2021).

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Nintendo Switch update also includes an update for the Joy-Con: how to update them and more

Earlier this morning we told you about the availability of Nintendo Switch version 13.0. Well, as with other updates, we now know that this latest patch also includes an update for the Joy-Con controllers.

Remember, it’s unclear what the update includes for the controllers beyond general stability improvements. It’s likely that Nintendo is preparing the Joy-Con to deliver the best experience. For this reason, we recommend you update them as soon as possible.

In case you don’t know how to update your controllers, here are the steps to follow:

1) From the Start menu, select ‘System settings’. Then ‘Controls and Sensors’ on the left-hand side.
2) Scroll down to ‘Update controllers’, press that option, and the console will update the controllers.

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