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Palworld: How to Get Gold Coins Fast



Palworld - Gold Coins Fast

Palworld has several materials that are essential for progressing and are obtained through various means. Some of the materials are organic and are obtained from cutting down the trees and mining the rocks and mineral nodes, while some of the materials are refined and crafted on certain workbenches.

Alongside the materials, there is one particular material that acts as a primary currency in Palworld and that is the Gold Coin. Having Gold Coins will allow players to deal with various kinds of merchants which can get them schematics to new crafting recipes, medicines for Pals, materials, crops, and even Pals.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Gold Coins Fast in Palworld.

How to Gold Coins Fast in Palworld

There are multiple ways through which players can get Gold Coins in Palworld – Looting the Treasure Chests, Killing the Soldiers, Selling the Items, and Selling Pals to merchants. All of these methods are efficient in the early game but if you want to make thousands of Gold Coins fast, you need to get and sell the valuable items to Wandering Merchants.

The valuable items include Precious Pelt, Precious Entrails, Precious Claw, Precious Plume, Ruby, and Sapphire which are obtained from defeating the world bosses, bosses in the dungeons, and completing the dungeons. Defeating every boss in the game will give you one of the Precious valuable items and looting the chests at the end of every dungeon will give you either Ruby or Sapphire.

You can sell these valuables to any Wandering Merchant in the game and one of the earliest Wandering Merchants can be found in the Small Settlement area. Another great way of making thousands of Gold Coins is to sell the rare Pals to either a Pal Merchant or a Black Marketeer. You can find a Rare Pal named Relaxaurus in the Sealed Realm of Thunder Dragon and sell them for 2,000 Gold Coins each.

Apart from several great methods to make Golf Coins Fast, you can also make a source of Gold Coins by catching a Pal named Mau and putting her into a Ranch. Mau Pal has a Gold Digger skill which allows her to dig the Gold Coins for you in the Ranch. Every time Mau grazes on the Ranch, she will dig out 10 Gold Coins and she will keep digging throughout the day unless you put her in Palbox.

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