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Palworld: How to Get Paldium Crystal



Palworld - Paldium Crystal

The world of Palworld is enriched with resources and materials that are essential for crafting several useful recipes as well as progressing in the game. There are various rarities of materials and one of the most essential materials in the game is Paldium Crystal. It is a valuable material that is used in several crafting recipes including Mega Shield which increases the shield of the character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Paldium Crystal in Palworld.

How to Get Paldium Crystal in Palworld

There are multiple methods through which players can get Paldium Crystals in Palworld. They can be obtained by killing the world bosses scattered over the island, looting the chests, and completing the dungeons. However, it is not essential that looting every chest or completing every dungeon rewards players with Paldium Crystals but killing/catching world bosses do drop Paldium Crystals every time you defeat them.

The early-world bosses that players can kill or capture easily are Chillet, Penking, and Mammorest. They all are located in the early regions of the island and each has a drop rate of 2 – 4 Paldium Crystal. If you want to farm Paldium Crystals, then I would recommend you kill or capture Chillet instead of finding the chests or completing the dungeons.

Chillet is a Level 11 world boss and can be defeated easily with the help of Level 10 Pal. After defeating Chillet once, you need to wait around 30 – 35 minutes (real-time) for Chillet to spawn again to defeat it again and get more Paldium Crystals.

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