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Palworld: How to Heal Your Character & Pals



Palworld - Heal your character and Pals

Keeping your character and Pals in good condition is essential for surviving in the world of Palworld as various kinds of Pals and PDIF Soldiers will try to invade your base from time to time. Fighting off the invaders can be brutal, especially if they are high-level. If any of your Pals get a major injury or you get low on HP, you must immediately look forward to healing your Pals and yourself.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal your character and Pals in Palworld.

How to Heal Your Character and Pals in Palworld

There are a couple of methods to heal your character and Pals in Palworld. The basic method is to just stay out of danger and your character and Pals will start to heal gradually. However, this method is only safe for partial health loss which can be regenerated shortly. If your character is severely low on HP, you will have to rest at the Shoddy Bed to regenerate your health before you end up dead and lose all of your inventory items.

The same method goes for Pals but instead of putting them on Straw Pal Bed, you need to place them inside the Palbox. If any one of your Pals, either working at the base or in your party is injured or incapacitated, you need to interact with the Palbox and place it inside it. Upon placing, the Pal health will start regenerating and you will be able to deploy them again at the base or in your party once they are fit.

Apart from just healing your Pals, you will also have to cure various elements on Pals for which you have to give medicines that can be made on Medieval Medicine Workbench. Curing certain elements not in time will deal damage over time which will lead to death eventually. So, keep your eyes on both character’s and Pals’ health during combat to see which assistance is required.

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