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Palworld: How to Increase the Number of Pals at the Base



Palworld - Increase Number of Pals at Base

Having more Pals working at the base will decrease the workload exponentially as all Pals will be assisting on various structures and jobs respective to their work suitability. However, before deploying several Pals to the base, players must unlock the Pal slots for the base otherwise, they will not work at the base.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase the number of Pals at the base in Palworld.

How to Increase the Number of Pals at the Base in Palworld

Increasing the Number of Pals at the base will require players to unlock more Pal slots in the Palbox which will allow players to deploy the Pals to the base. Palbox is the main management system for your Pals as well as your base. Upon building and placing a Palbox, players will only have 1 Pal slot in which they can assign any captured Pal to work at the base.

To increase more Pal slots, players will have to increase the base level by completing base missions. Players can view the base missions by pressing the V button while standing next to the Palbox structure. Each base level will have a few requirements regarding building certain structures. Upon completing all requirements for a level, players will be able to upgrade the level of the base by selecting the ‘Upgrade Base’ option under the same menu of missions.

Enhancing each level of the base will increase the number of Max Pals working at the Base by one and you will be able to have a maximum of 20 Pals at a time working at a base for which Base Level 20 is required.

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