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Palworld: How to Increase the Catching Power of Your Character



Palworld - Increase Catching Power using Lifmunk Effigy

There are hundreds of unique Pals (creatures) scattered over the world of Palworld that players can capture throughout their journey. However, not all Pals are easy to catch as several powerful Pals act as a boss of a certain region or in the dungeons. Capturing these Pals will require the use of a high-tier Sphere or a stronger catching power.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to increase the catching power of your character in Palworld.

How to Increase the Catching Power of Your Character in Palworld

The Catching Power is a mysterious stat of your character that cannot be enhanced simply through the inventory tab by using a Stat Point. Instead, players will have to get a unique resource named Lifmunk Effigy and contribute it to the Statue of Power. These effigies are limited in Palworld and hidden all over the island.

As the name suggests, it is an effigy of a Lifmunk Pal and is portrayed with a green color that can be seen from a fair distance. One of the very first Lifmunk Effigy that players can find in their playthrough is at the gate of ruin near the starting area of the game. Upon exploring the world and finding the Lifmunk Effigies, players will have to contribute a required number of effigies for a certain level of Catching Power.

However, firstly players will have to either unlock and build a Statue of Power at the base or they can travel to Desolate Church to find a Statue of Power. Once the players have a Statue of Power in access, they need to interact with it by pressing the F button to view the required number of Lifmunk Effigies for the upgrade of Catching Power.

The starting levels of Catching Power will require a smaller number of effigies but as players keep upgrading the power, the required number of Lifmunk Effigies will increase. These Lifmunk Effigies are hidden well and the only way to get them is to explore the world as there are no merchants currently in the game who sells these effigies.

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