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Palworld: How to Increase the Stats of Pals



Palworld - enhance stats of pals

Your captured Pals are your companions in Palworld who will work on the base, go on a journey alongside you, and fight enemies with you. The importance of increasing your character’s stats is as great as increasing the stats of your Pals. Having Pals with high stats will let you fight various bosses around the world, complete dungeons with you, defeat enemies during raids, and much more with ease.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to increase the stats of Pals in Palworld.

How to Increase the Stats of Pals in Palworld

There are a couple of methods to increase the stats of your Pals in Palworld. The basic method is to increase the level of Pals to gradually increase all of their stats for which players will have to deploy the Pals to the base. Deployed Pals will work on the base and gain XP which will increase their levels after every level threshold. Additionally, as players gather materials, craft structures, and catch other Pals, all the fellow Pals in the party will gain a few XP as well.

Alternatively, there is also a manual way to increase the stats of Pals which will require players to use the Statue of Power. It will require players to contribute material named Pal Souls to the Statue of Power to enhance the stats of Pals.

However, firstly players will have to either unlock and build a Statue of Power at the base or they can travel to Desolate Church to find a Statue of Power. Once the players have a Statue of Power in access, they need to interact with it by pressing the V button to open the menu for enhancing the stats of Pals. Selecting a Pal from the menu will allow players to contribute Pal Souls to four different stats of Pals – Max HP, Attack, Defense, and Work Speed.

Enhancing each stat will require a certain number of Pal Souls and as you increase a certain stat, the cost of Pal Souls will also increase. If you have enhanced a stat by mistake then you can also reset it and get all the spent Pal Souls back but at a cost of a certain amount of Gold. It is an efficient way of increasing the stats of Pals that you regularly keep in your party.

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