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Palworld: How to Move Your Base



Palworld - Move your Base

The world in Palworld has several regions that players will get to explore throughout their journey as each region offers unique Pals and materials that are crucial for progression. As exploring plays an essential role in Palworld, having a base close or in access to all the main regions can be greatly helpful. However, most players will make their first base at a random location not knowing the importance of the location of the base but worry not, as the base can be moved easily in Palworld.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to move your base in Palworld.

How to Move Your Base in Palworld

The base is assigned by building the Palbox structure. It is one of the initial structures in the game that is unlocked at Level 2 and built by the build mode using the following resources.

Upon building the Palbox, a certain radius of area is assigned for your base in which you can build all the structures, deploy your captured pals to work at the base, and share materials by storing them in the storage chests. To move your base to another location, you will have to disassemble the current Palbox to create a new one at the new location to declare your new base.

Disassembly of Palbox can be done through two different methods. For the first method, you need to go into the build mode and enable the Disassembly Mode by pressing the C button. After that, select the Palbox and confirm to disassemble it. Alternatively, you can open the map and hover over your base icon to get the disassemble option. Press the C button to get the confirmation for the disassembly of the Palbox.

After confirming the disassembly of Palbox, make a new Palbox on the new location and all of your captured Pals will move to the base. However, your structures will not be brought to the new location which will include your workbenches, storage chests, food structures, etc. but the level of your base will remain the same.

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