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Palworld: How to Unlock Food Slots



Palworld - Unlock Food Slots

Seeing your inventory thoroughly will confuse you on how to unlock the food slots at the bottom of the inventory menu. These slots allow your character and Pals in your Party to automatically consume stored food in these slots whenever they get hungry.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Food Slots in Palworld.

How to Unlock Food Slots in Palworld

The Food Slots in the inventory menu are unlocked by acquiring the various kinds of Feed Bag throughout the game. There are five different Feed Bags that players can acquire by unlocking and learning their crafting recipes. Like most gear items in Palworld, the Feed Bags are also unlocked by leveling up the character level and learning their recipe at the Technology Table.

The first Feed Bag that players will get to unlock is the Small Feed Bag that unlocks one Food Slot. Players will be able to unlock it fairly early in the game at Level 10 by spending one Ancient Technology Point. Defeating any boss for the first time will grant you an Ancient Technology Point so, make sure that you have defeated any World Boss, or Boss in a dungeon, or completed the starting tower to have the required number of Ancient Technology Points for unlocking the recipe for Small Feed Bag.

The Small Feed Bag can be crafted at multiple workbenches and a few of the earlier ones are Primitive Workbench, Pal Gear Workbench, and High-Quality Workbench. Crafting the Small Feed Bag will require the following materials.

Acquire the Small Feed Bag after crafting it to unlock the first Food Slot in the inventory. For the rest of the Food Slots in your inventory, you will have to acquire the rest of the Feed Bags by unlocking their recipes and crafting them. All the Feed Bags in Palworld are the following that players will get to unlock throughout their playthrough.

  • Small Feed Bag – Available at Level 10 and Requires 1 Ancient Technology Point, Unlocks 1 Food Slot.
  • Average Feed Bag – Available at Level 20 and Requires 2 Ancient Technology Points, Unlocks 2 Food Slots.
  • Large Feed Bag – Available at Level 26 and Requires 3 Ancient Technology Points, Unlocks 3 Food Slots.
  • Huge Feed Bag – Available at Level 35 and Requires 4 Ancient Technology Points, Unlocks 4 Food Slots.
  • Giant Feed Bag – Available at Level 45 and Requires 5 Ancient Technology Points, Unlocks 5 Food Slots.

For the first three Feed Bags, you will be able to craft them at a High-Quality Workbench, and for the last two Feed Bags, you will have to craft them at the Production Assembly Line which unlocks at Level 28.

Upon unlocking any Food Slot, you will be able to place any food item in the slot and it will be consumed automatically. Having more slots unlocked will allow you to place various kinds of food items for your character and Pals in the Party.

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