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Payday 3: How to Get All Paintings in Rock the Cradle Mission



Payday 3: Paintings in Rock the Cradle

All the heist missions in Payday 3 offer so many valuables alongside Money that players can loot to substantially increase their payout at the end of the heist. Rock the Cradle heist mission allows players to loot the Crypto Wallet as a main objective but optionally, players can loot Cocaine, Money from the Vault, and Paintings which all can increase the Payout to maximum.

If you are wondering where you can get all the paintings in the Rock the Cradle mission, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you get all the paintings that you can loot in the Rock the Cradle mission of Payday 3.

How to Get All Paintings in Rock the Cradle Mission

There are 5 paintings in total that you can loot in the Rock the Cradle mission in Payday 3. All of the paintings are located in the Private area so, you will have to be careful during your little detour of the Neon Cradle Nightclub. The locations for all of the paintings are the following.

  • Private Booth 1: Have 2 Paintings mounted on the wall.
  • Private Booth 2: Have 2 Paintings mounted on the wall.
  • Rifkin’s Office: Have 1 Painting inside the Display Case.

For the Private Booths, they are easy to access. Both of them are located on the 2nd floor and you will have to picklock the doors to get inside the booth. Loot the paintings one by one and stack them in a safe place to get them later.

Rifkin’s Office is also located on the 2nd floor but on the opposite side of the booths. Go through the side hallway to reach the other side and picklock the door to enter Rifkin’s Office. The Display Case will require a QR code which can only be found from Rifkin’s phone. She holds her phone on her belt and you can find her roaming around the Nightclub. Find Rifkin and hack her phone to get the QR. After getting the code, go back to Rifkin’s Office and open the Display Case to get the painting.

How to Secure the Paintings

Once you have all of the paintings, you need to secure them by throwing them at the van’s location which is parked outside of the VIP Area. You need to get access to the VIP Area which you can learn by reading our Walkthrough guide on Rock the Cradle mission.

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