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Payday 3: Dirty Ice – Mission Guide



Payday 3: Dirty Ice Mission

Dirty Ice is the third heist mission in Payday 3 in which players have to loot a Jewelry Store for the Butcher client. The Jewelry Store has several optional locations to discover for players apart from the main objectives which can payout more money at the end of the heist.

We will be covering all the main and optional objectives of the Dirty Ice Heist mission in Payday 3.

Dirty Ice – Walkthrough

You can play the Dirty Ice heist mission at any point in the game but if you are completing the heist missions in chronological order then you will be able to start it after completing the Road Rage heist mission. Start the Matchmaking in either Public or Invite Only to start the mission.

Case the Jewelry Store

As the mission begins, you need to make your way into the Jewelry Store from the front gate and analyze all the cameras, guards, and the manager in the front area. After that, go to the back alley and picklock the back gate to enter the back hallway of the store, where you can unlock different using the QR codes.

(Optional) Access to the VIP Showroom

The VIP Showroom will be in front of the Manager’s Office and you can access it by scanning the QR code. You can find the QR code for the VIP Showroom on the phone inside the Manager’s Office.

(Optional) Enter the Workshop

The Workshop is inside the VIP Showroom and the only way to access it is by shoving the Manager to the Biometric Scanner by the door. You can make the Manager come up to the Manager’s Office if you interact with the Landline in the Manager’s Office. Once the Manager is inside the office answering the Landline, tie her hands and take her to the Biometric Scanner to get access to the Workshop.

The workshop has a Multi-Tag Scanner that you can use to filter the subsurface-marked merchandise to increase your payout.

(Optional) Enter the Basement

The Basement is located to the east side of the Jewelry Store that you can reach via the back alley but before you do that, go to the Manager’s Office and interact with the computer. It will pin the location for the basement code. Go and find the code first and then make your way to the back alley. There will be a phone on one of the crates that you need to search and after that, take a left ahead to reach a door with a QR lock. Scan the QR to go through and enter the basement code on the console on the left side as you enter the door.

Now, go down to the basement and make your way across to the other side without getting being detected by the camera. There will be a guard in the basement that might have a Red Keycard in its back pocket. Make sure to check it and if the card is not there, access the room on the other side to find the keycard from the closet. The room will have a switch for disabling the case alarms so do that as well and a safe that you can unlock to get evidence.

(Optional) Enter the Vault

The vault is located next to the VIP Showroom and you can access it with the Red Keycard but only if another person is pressing the button in the Manager’s Office. If you are playing with other real players, then it is easy to do but if you are solo, you need to shove the Manager against the button to make her press the button. As she is pressing the button, you need to run to the vault and use the Red Keycard to open the vault.

The vault stores a Rare Stone that you can loot after picking the lock of the box’s security.

Steal and Secure Jewelry

Now, there are two methods by which you can secure the Jewelry, you can either steal the jewelry from the front of the store which will alert the authorities or you can steal the jewelry from the VIP Showroom. If you choose to steal the Jewelry from the VIP Showroom, make sure to use the Multi-Tag Scanner every time before putting the bags into the van.


Once you have stolen every possible piece of jewelry you wanted, go to the van and escape to conclude the heist mission.

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