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Payday 3: Road Rage – Mission Guide



Payday 3: Road Rage – Mission Guide

Road Rage is the second heist mission in the story that players can choose to complete at any point in the game. It is one of the shortest missions in Payday 3, but it is not one of the easiest. This guide will cover the objectives of the Road Rage mission to help you out with the mission in Payday 3.

Road Rage – Walkthrough

Before you start matchmaking for this mission, it is best to buy a Medical Bag and an Ammo Bag, as they can come in handy. You can buy them from the Vendors Tab in the main menu. Once you are ready, start the matchmaking and jump into the mission Solo or with your friends.

Prepare the Ambush

As the mission starts, you need to place and activate the EMP at the designated spot in under 90 seconds. Grab the EMP from the marked box and go to the other side of the bridge to place and activate it. It will not take more than 30 seconds to do this. For the rest of the 60 seconds, you need to make sure that none of the workers on the bridge leave the site. Threaten the workers and tie them up. After that, simply hide behind the barricade and wait for the armored truck to get hit by the EMP.

Override the Armored Transport

Once the truck has been hit by the EMP, it will stop and you need to retrieve the Steering Device and place it on the Armored Truck. The Steering Device will be inside the marked box, so go and grab it. Place it on the Armored Transport and activate it. As you activate the Steering Device, Shayu will start the hack, and in the meantime, the authorities will be alerted and you will have to take out the police.

Override the Armored Transport

Once the hack is complete, Shayu will start moving the truck, but you have to remain in the vicinity of the truck to keep escorting it to the vantage point. Throughout the whole sequence of escorting the truck, you need to hold off the police with firepower, so make sure that you and your team are doing everything to hold them back. During the escort, you will have to open the fence gate, which can be done by interacting with a terminal on the right side of the fence gate. Open the gate to keep the truck moving.

Breach the Armored Transport

Once the truck has reached the vantage point, go beneath the truck and place the drill to execute the breaching process. Wait and hold off the guards until the armored truck has been breached.

Loot the Armored Transport

Once the Armored Truck has been breached, its back door will open. Go inside the back of the truck and start lockpicking the compartments to get Money and Rare Elements, which are used to make Electric Components. Make sure that at least two of the players are looting the compartments to speed up the process and the rest of the two players are holding off the police.

Signal the Getaway

Once you have looted the Armored Truck, you need to place the flare on the bridge to signal the Getaway. The getaway will take some time before it reaches the bridge, so in the meantime, you have to hold off the police and you can loot any compartments of the armored truck if missed.

Signal the Getaway

Steal and Secure Rare Elements

Once the getaway Helicopter has arrived, you need to place 4 bags of Rare Elements in the Helicopter to complete the objective. Grab and throw the bags that you have looted from the armored truck, and once you have transported all of the bags, go to the escape point to conclude the heist mission.

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