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Payday 3: Rock the Cradle – Mission Guide



Payday 3: Rock the Cradle Mission

Rock the Cradle is the fourth heist mission in Payday3 and probably one of the most difficult ones because there are a lot of civilians in the area and the heist has several bugs that might interrupt your solo heist. We will be going through all the objectives step by step to assist you in the heist and also tell you a method to access the VIP Area if the Bouncer doesn’t accept the VIP Invitation.

Rock the Cradle – Walkthrough

You can play the Rock the Cradle heist mission at any point in the game but if you are completing the heist missions in chronological order then you will be able to start it after completing the Dirty Ice heist mission. Start the Matchmaking in either Public or Invite Only to start the mission.

Enter the Neon Cradle

You will have to find an alternate way to go inside the Neon Cradle as the front gate will be off-limits. Go to the right side and picklock the kitchen door to enter inside the Neon Cradle.

Access the VIP Area

To access the VIP Area, you will need a VIP Invitation to show it to the Bouncer. There are several steps that you need to do before you can access the VIP area.

  • Hack Rifkin’s Phone: Rifkin is an accountant at Neon Cradle and you can find her roaming around in the public and private areas of Neon Cradle. Stay on the lower level and look for Rifkin. Once you have found her, crouch behind her to start hacking her phone. The hack progression bar will prompt ahead of the objective and you need to stay in Rifkin’s Phone vicinity to hack her phone.
  • Unlock the Display Case: Once you have hacked Rifkin’s Phone, go up to her office to find a display case with a VIP Invitation inside it. Her office is on the upper floor beside the DJ. Make your way up and lockpick her office’s door to get inside. Scan the QR code to unlock the display case and retrieve the VIP invitation.
  • Authenticate the VIP Invitations: To authenticate the VIP Invitation, you need to go to the lounge in front of the DJ, you can access it through a back hallway on the right side. Once you have reached the lounge in front of the DJ, there will be an Authenticator placed beside a laptop. Place the VIP Invitation on the Authenticator and hack the laptop to authenticate the VIP Invitation.

By doing all the above objectives, you will have the authenticate VIP entrance to the VIP area. Now, make your way to the VIP area to show the VIP invitation to the Bouncer. The bouncer will see the VIP invitation and open the VIP door for you. As you walk by the bouncer, crouch behind him and loot the Blue Keycard because you are going to need it later.

NOTE (Bug): The Bouncer part is bugged for a lot of players. If this is the case for you, you can get past the bouncer by stealing the Blue Keycard behind his belt and scanning it on the scanner beside the door. It can be a tricky task to do it without getting detected but if you have the Glitch Protocol skill, you can hack the radio to distract the bouncer and it will give you enough time to steal and scan the keycard to get to the VIP Area.

Steal the Crypto Wallet

Once you are down inside the VIP Area, the main objective is to steal the Crypto Wallet but before you get to do it, there are certain several tasks that you will have to do first.

  • Enter the IT Room: The IT room is on the left side of the area and you can find it in front of a firework machine. You will have to get the Red Keycard first to enter the IT Room. To get the Red Keycard, go up the staircase on the same side of the area and picklock the Accounting Office door on the right side. There will be a safe inside the room that you need to crack to get the Red Keycard. After getting the Red Keycard, go downstairs and get past the guard in front of the door to reach the IT Room. Scan the Red Keycard to enter the IT Room.
  • Cut the Power to the IT Room: There will be a whiteboard inside the IT Room with a code and a color written on it, keep it in mind because it is randomized for everyone. We got the “E670 – White” for our heist. Now, you need to head up the staircase in front of the IT Room to reach the Security room for which you need to scan the Blue Keycard that you stole from the Bouncer. Get inside the room and look for the correct box with the code you got from the whiteboard. Open the box and flip the correct color switch to cut the power.
  • Reset the Biometric Scanner: Now, make your way to the Accounting Office from where you stole the Red Keycard and interact with the computer. Wait for the data to be accessed and then interact with it again to reset the Biometric Scanner.

After doing all the above objectives, go to the IT Room and steal the Crypto Wallet. Throw the Crypto Wallet at the end of the railway tracks with boxes.


The main objective is completed but if you want to explore more and loot more valuables like paintings or money from the vault. Once you have done with your looting, head to the escape area to escape and conclude the heist.

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