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Payday 3: How to Loot the Vault in Rock the Cradle



Payday 3: Loot the Vault in Rock the Cradle

All the heist missions in Payday 3 offer so many valuables alongside Money that players can loot to substantially increase their payout at the end of the heist. Rock the Cradle heist mission allows players to loot the Crypto Wallet as a main objective but optionally, players can loot Cocaine, Paintings, and money from the vault which all can increase the Payout to maximum.

If you are looking to know how you can unlock and loot the vault in the Rock the Cradle mission, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you unlock and loot the vault in the Rock the Cradle mission of Payday 3.

How to Loot the Vault in Rock the Cradle Mission

Looting the Vault is an optional objective in the Rock the Cradle mission that you can choose to do once you have reached the VIP Area of the Neon Cradle Nightclub. You can read our walkthrough guide on the Rock the Cradle mission to learn how to get to the VIP Area. Once you are in the VIP Area, you need to find the Vault to trigger the optional objective. To find the Vault, there are two ways, you can go through the main door located on the left side of the area when you come downstairs or you can reach it through a vent.

The main door to reach the vault is located next to the staircase on the left side and the vent is located on the staircase. Pick any way to reach the Vault. Once you have located the vault, you will require a 4-digit code which can be obtained from the Accountant’s Office. The Accountant’s Office is located up on the staircase which you need to picklock to enter.

After entering the Accountant’s Office, you need to find codes. There will be three codes in total that you can get from the Accountant’s Office. One code will be inside the Safe from where you get a Red Keycard, one on the chair, and one inside the storeroom. Remember all three codes or write them down somewhere and then go to the vault to try out all three codes to open the vault.

Now, there is nothing left to loot it and secure the money. Looting the money will prompt the bag symbol on the screen so, make sure to secure the bag at the location of the bag.

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