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Payday 3: Best Stealth Build



Payday 3: Stealth Build

There are various builds that players can make in Payday 3 to do heists in their preferred way but one of the most classic ways to do heists is stealthily. It enhances the overall experience of a heist and there are certain challenges in the Heist and Career categories that will require you to complete the heist without alerting guards or killing any guard, etc. for which Stealth is the best build.

Looking to know how to make the best Stealth Build in the game, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist in how you can make the best Stealth build in Payday 3.

Best Stealth Build in Payday 3

The purpose of the Stealth Build is to get around the guards and enemies unnoticed and to complete the heists without even raising an alarm. There are many ways through which you can make a stealth build for yourself in Payday 3 but you must include the factor of faster movement, hacking, and distraction to make your way around the map silently. All the things that you need for your stealth build from every section of the Loadout are listed below.

1. Weapons

For the Primary and Secondary weapons in the Stealth build, you can take pretty much anything just make sure that you attach a Silencer to the weapon’s muzzle to use without alerting or raising an alarm.

2. Deployable

You can use anything from the Deployable menu because nothing is too necessary for the Stealth Build unless things go south during the heist.

3. Overkill Weapon

Similarly, you can choose any Overkill Weapon for the stealth build because you will be barely using it in any heist mission.

4. Armor

For the armor, you should pick the Standard Lining Armor because it increases the movement speed.

5. Throwable

The best throwable for the stealth build is Throwing Knife for extra stealth kills because you won’t need grenades.

6. Tool

Lastly for the tool, there are two recommendations. You can use the MicroCam for better visualization of the area where you drop the spy camera or you can use the Motion Sensor which helps you mark the enemies through the wall within the range of 3 meters.

Skills for Stealth Build

From all of the things mentioned above, they only play a small role in the stealth build. You cannot utilize the stealth build without using the proper skills so, you need to unlock the following skills for the Stealth Build.

  • Infiltrator (Aced): Gain Rush effect after successfully picking a lock or killing an enemy with a throwing knife. With the Infiltrator skill upgraded to Aced, you will get the Rush effect every time a guard begins to detect you. Rush allows you to move faster.
  • Quick Fingers: Allows you to pick a lock in the first jiggle with the Rush effect active.
  • Grifter: You will gain the Rush effect within 1 meter of civilian or employee while masked off.
  • Walk the Walk: Cameras will not detect you while trespassing into the private areas as long as you are unmasked and have the Rush effect active.
  • Social Engineering: Employees will ignore you performing illegal actions as long as you are unmasked and have the Rush effect active.
  • Secure Loop: Allows you to loop the footage of the camera and make you undetectable for doing any illegal activity in the area from the eyes of the camera.
  • Glitch Protocol: Allows you to hack a guard’s radio to cause a disturbance, stopping, and distracting them, pausing any action they are doing. If you are getting detected by a guard and if you hack their radio, they will get distracted and it will give you a window to escape.
  • Strategist (Aced): Allows you to mark 2 Additional Targets and your marks last 40% longer.

Now, the skills mentioned above only use 10 Skill Points in total meaning, you can make this build pretty early on in the game. As there are still 11 Skill Points remaining, you can unlock any skill that fancies your taste for stealth purposes.

That is all related to the best Stealth Build in Payday 3.

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