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Moonstone Island: Complete Farming Guide



Moonstone Island: Farming

While you traverse through various worlds and dungeons in Moonstone Island, it is always good to keep your inventory stacked with useful Plants and Crops for the adventure. As Plants contain certain buffs, you can use them on your spirits during fights to apply certain effects or heal them whereas, the crops can be used to replenish your stamina as certain activities cost stamina. To get the Plants and Crops, the players must learn how to farm properly to grow plants and crops especially, in the early game.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you all the farming steps that you need to do to grow plants and crops by yourself in Moonstone Island.

How to Farm in Moonstone Island

To get started with farming in Moonstone Island, there are a couple of things that players should know first. One is that not every plant or crop can be grown in every season. Every plant and crop grows in a certain season and players must grow the plants and crops in their respective seasons. The second is that players will need to have respective tools for farming without the tools, they will not be able to plant and grow the crops.

Now, that the important information is out of the way, we can focus on how to start farming in Moonstone Island.

1. Till the Soil

The very first step to farming is that you need to till the soil before you get to plant the seeds. You cannot plant the seeds on green ground, it must be soil on which you have to plant seeds of flowers as well as crops. To do so, hold the Q Button to pull up the Tool Wheel and select the Hoe tool. Now, use the Hoe by pressing the E Button or Left-Clicking to till the soil.

2. Plant the Seeds

Once you have tilled the soil, you will be able to plant the seeds in each soil individually. To plant the seeds, you need to equip them from your inventory and press the E Button or Left-Click while standing near the tilled soil.

3. Water the Seeds

After planting the seeds, you need to water them. Open the tool wheel and select the Watering Can from it. Go near the planted seeds and press the E Button or Left-Click to water the seeds. All seeds take different time to grow so, you might have to water the seeds for a few days before you get to harvest them.

4. Harvest Crops

After watering the seeds every day for a few days, the crops and flowers will be ready for harvesting. To harvest the crops and flowers, you can simply go near them and press the E Button or Left-Click to harvest them.

5. Fertilizers

A great tip for farming in Moonstone Island is that you can use fertilizers on your planted seeds to increase their stat’s value by 50%. You can get the fertilizers from the General Store of the town and place them on the planted seeds to get plants and seeds with enhanced stats.

Planting and growing crops is effective in the early game both for adventuring and financially. However, we don’t recommend you sell your crops and flowers early in the game because you are going to need them throughout your fights.

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