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Moonstone Island: How to Increase Stamina



Moonstone Island: Increase Stamina

Moonstone Island offers various islands that players can discover and explore by covering the gaps between the floating islands. Exploring the islands will allow players to find new resources, tame new Spirits, meet new characters, and even unlock new activities. However, each activity consumes a certain amount of Stamina which is necessary for players to keep exploring. If players run out of stamina, they will have to sleep to finish the day and continue their exploration the next day (in-game) but players can increase their exploration time if they increase their overall stamina.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase Stamina in Moonstone Island.

How to Increase Stamina in Moonstone Island

The Stamina limit of the main character can be increased by activating the Ando Trees. Ando Trees are found at the end of every dungeon and as players complete the dungeon by defeating several Spirits and the final boss of the dungeon, the path will take them to Ando Tree, a giant purple tree. Players need to go near it and activate it by pressing and holding the E button to permanently increase their Stamina limit.

Every floating island has several dungeons spread around the island that players can find by exploring the islands. The dungeons on the beginning island are relatively easier than dungeons on other islands so, make sure to first complete the dungeons on the starting island to defeat and tame powerful Spirits. Taming powerful Spirits increases your chances of winning battles against more powerful Spirits in the dungeons on other floating islands.

It is best to increase your Stamina and fill your Medallion and Barn with Powerful Spirits and then traverse to other islands to further increase the Stamina.

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