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Moonstone Islands: How to Tame Spirits



Moonstone Island: Tame Spirits

Spirits are the Pokemon-like creatures in Moonstone Islands which are mainly used in battling other spirits that you will encounter in your adventure. Without the Spirits, you will not be able to complete the dungeons or progress ahead in the game so, it is best to have Spirits alongside you and unlock more powerful spirits as you explore more Islands and dungeons. Unlocking more spirits is only done via taming the spirits so, players must learn how to tame spirits to let them join your party.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Tame Spirits in Moonstone Island.

How to Tame Spirits in Moonstone Island

To tame other Spirits in Moonstone Island, players will need a plant named “Flax”, a purple flower. The Flax plant has the properties to tame the wild Spirits and the only way to do so is during battling the Wild Spirits. So, to tame the Spirits, you first need to find a wild spirit in a dungeon or on another island. After locating a wild Spirit, go near them to start the battle. The Flax Plant has the power of 10 Tame so, you need to keep the HP of Wild Spirit at 10 or below 10. Make sure that you don’t deplete all HP of the wild Spirit otherwise, you won’t be able to tame it.

Once the HP of Wild Spirit is below 10, select the Feed option from the bottom left corner of the screen and select the Flax Plant from the inventory. After that, select it to feed it to the Wild Spirit. If the Wild Spirit is tamed successfully, you will get the option to either keep the Spirit or Let it go. Selecting the Keep option will let the Spirit join your party and help you in your next battle.

Keep in mind that you can only keep a limited number of Spirits in your Moonstone Medallion. If you want to keep more Spirits, you will have to make a Barn for the Spirits.

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