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Moonstone Island: How to Make Bridges



Moonstone Island: Bridge

Bridges are one of the most useful crafting items in Moonstone Island as they allow you to cross gaps and cross rivers which you normally cannot do as there is no swimming in the game. So, the players must know how to make the bridges and use them to reach the areas to further explore the various islands.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make bridges in Moonstone Island.

How to Make Bridges in Moonstone Island

As players reach Moonstone Island, the starting island of the game by completing the tutorial, they will get a letter from which they can learn the recipe for making bridges. It is very easy to craft a bridge as each piece of bridge costs the following number of resources.

  • 1x Wood
  • 1x Stone

Both of the resources are very common and can be obtained with respective tools. To get the wood, players will have to equip the Axe and use it on a tree to gather wood. However, for the stone, players need to use the Hammer on the rock deposits to gather stone. Once players have gathered the resources, they need to go to the Crafting Tab in the main menu to find the Bridge recipe.

After that, they need to select the recipe and press the Spacebar key to craft a piece of bridge. To cross over the gap or river, players will require multiple pieces of bridges. Make sure to craft as much as you can and store them in your inventory to use them whenever needed.

How to use the Bridges

Once players have crafted the bridges, they can equip them from the inventory and press the E button or Left-Click to place a piece of the bridge ahead. The placed bridges will be permanent and players will be able to walk over them whenever they cross through the area again. Most of the islands have hidden chests that can be found by crossing the rivers so, it is a great way for players to explore the islands. Players can also choose to make bridges to close the gaps between the islands but it will cost a tons of required resources.

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