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Moonstone Island: How to Make a Balloon



Moonstone Island: Balloon

There are various islands to be explored in Moonstone Island but players will lose their Magical Broom fairly early in the game requiring them to make a new traveling source to reach the far islands. The first traveling source to reach the new islands is a balloon that players have to make by using the resources found on the first island.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make a Balloon in Moonstone Island.

How to Make a Balloon in Moonstone Island

Making a Balloon is one of the earliest main quests in the game that players will have to complete to reach new islands to explore new areas, meet new characters, unlock new resources, and tame new Spirits. However, getting a Balloon is not as simple as it sounds because you cannot just buy a balloon, you will have to craft it on your own. The letter from your Mother after reaching Moonstone Island will unlock the crafting recipe for a Balloon. The Balloon will require 3x Cloth which you can get by the following steps.

  • Once you have woken up in your new house on Moonstone Island, go out and equip the Scythe tool from the tool wheel.
  • If you go to the northern side of the Island, you will find tons of tall grass that you need to cut by using the Scythe. Press the E button while holding the Scythe to cut down the Tall Grass.
  • Cutting the tall grass will give you 1x Fiber each and you need to cut 9 Tall Grass in total.
  • After getting 9x Fiber, open the main menu and select the Crafting Tab “Axe icon”.
  • Select the Cloth recipe and press the Spacebar key to craft cloth. Craft 3x Cloth.

After crafting the cloth, you will be able to craft the Balloon from the same Crafting Tab. Find the Balloon item in the Crafting Tab and press the Spacebar Key while selecting it to craft the Balloon. Equip the Balloon in one of your Tool Wheel slots and you will be able to use it by equipping it from the Tool Wheel.

Keep in mind that wind affects the Balloon so, make sure to use the Balloon near an edge of an Island to travel efficiently to another island.

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