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Moonstone Island: How to Fish



Moonstone Island: Fishing

There are several activities to partake in Moonstone Island that can get you useful items and resources that will help you in your adventure. One of the activities is fishing which will help you catch fish that can be used to increase a great amount of Stamina or can be sold to make a decent amount of money.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do fishing in Moonstone Island.

How to Fish in Moonstone Island

Fishing in Moonstone Island is unique from other strategy and farming games out there but one thing that is similar to other games for fishing in Moonstone Island is having a Fishing Rod. You cannot partake in fishing activity until you get the Fishing Rod so, make sure to get the Fishing Rod from Tobin at the Fish Shop near the docks on the starting island of the game. Once you have got the fishing rod, you will be able to catch fish by going to the Ponds or ocean.

To start fishing, you need to press and hold the Q Button to open the tool wheel and select the Fishing Rod. After selecting the fishing rod, press and hold the E button to cast the line. Wait for the fish to bite and the bobber to move. Once the fish has bitten, it will start a mini-game on the left side of the screen. In the mini-game, you need to use the Mouse or W, A, S, and D Keys to move the white circle and keep it on the moving fish. The longer you keep the circle on the fish, the more quickly the green bar will fill up the circle.

Once the Green Bar has been filled, you will catch the fish and store it in your inventory. You can use the fish for replenishing your stamina or you can sell it to Tobin or put it in the Sell Crate to earn some money.

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