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Moonstone Island: How to Get Copper Ore



Mppnstone Island: Copper ore

There are various materials that can be found on several floating islands in Moonstone Island. Some of the floating islands have exclusive materials that players can only get from the respective islands whereas some materials can be found on most of the islands. One of the materials that players can find on all major islands is Copper ore. Copper ore is used in several crafting recipes and players might need it to craft useful crafting items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Copper Ore in Moonstone Island.

How to Get Copper Ore in Moonstone Island

Copper Ore is one of the rare materials found on most of the floating islands but they can only be obtained from the Rock Deposits containing Copper. You can find the Rock Deposits with Copper in most of the cavern areas of the floating islands. Most of the islands have cavern areas that players can enter but they will have to find the entrance to the cavern areas. Keep in Mind the cavern areas are different from the entrance of the dungeons so don’t mix them together.

The cavern areas are accessed via a ladder that will take the players deep into the island with less visual. Players will be able to see nearby Rock Deposits as they walk in the cave and if they come across a Rock Deposit with Copper, they can mine it by using the Hammer tool. Press and hold the Q Button to open the tool wheel and then select the Hammer to equip it. After that, press the E Button to use the hammer on the rock deposit and hit it until it drops the Copper Ore.

The Cavern Areas are filled with such rare materials and players will be able to find tons of exotic materials from these areas. It is recommended to the players to visit these areas from time to time to get rich with these rare materials to make their adventure easier.

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