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Moonstone Island: How to Get Plants and Crops Seeds



Moonstone Island: Seeds

Farming in Moonstone Island plays a crucial role in getting different kinds of plants and crops which will help you in your adventure across various islands. You will be able to find several plants and crops on different islands that you visit but the best way to get them is to grow them on your own. However, growing plants and crops will require seeds that you will have to get through different means.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Plants and Crops Seeds in Moonstone Island.

How to Get Plants and Crops Seeds in Moonstone Island

There are several ways through which you can earn seeds in Moonstone Island.

  • Get as a gift from different characters.
  • Collect them yourself.
  • Buy them from the General Store.

In the early game, you will have to get seeds by yourself which can be obtained by using the Scythe tool. You will get the Scythe tool from completing the tutorial of the game and you can use it on any plant or crop that you see on an island to get its seeds. To collect the seeds from the plant or crop, you need to equip the Scythe from the tool wheel by holding the Q Button. Once you have equipped the Scythe tool, go near the plant or crop and press the E Button or Left-Click to get the seeds of the respective plant or crop.

Another general way to get the seeds is by buying them from the General Store. However, it will cost you 10 Gold each for the seed which can be expensive early in the game. However, you can get free seeds if you build up your Friendship Level with other characters in the town. By increasing the Friendship Level with characters, you can gain certain advantages, and getting seeds for free is one of them.

Keep in mind that you will find the plants and crops on islands according to the season and if you get the seeds from the plants or crops, you can only grow them in the respective season.

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