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Moonstone Island: How to Level Up Spirits



Moonstone Island: Level Up Spirits

Spirits are Pokemon-like creatures that players can tame and house in either a barn or inside the Pocket Dimension. As the fights are fought with Spirits, the players must take care of them and level them up from time to time to strengthen their stats and abilities.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Level Up Spirits in Moonstone Island.

How to Level Up Spirits in Moonstone Island

The Spirits can be leveled up once they have gained enough experience from a fight for the next level. To see if the spirits have gained enough level, use the Moonstone Medallion to enter the pocket Dimension. If the spirits have an icon of “+” above their head, it means they can be leveled up.

Now, to level up the spirits, you need to go near the spirit you want to level up and interact with it. Select the “Level Up” option. It will give you the choice to increase any one stat of the spirit. The stats that you can increase of a spirit are the following.

  • Armor: Reduces damage from Attacks.
  • Speed: Determines Strength and who goes first in battle.
  • Vitality: Raises Base HP.
  • Power: Determines Attack Damage.

Selecting any one of the stats will increase the respective stat of the spirit and you will get to add an additional card to the deck. Select the card you want to add to your deck to have an additional attack in the battle for the spirit.

After selecting the card, the level-up process will finish and your leveled-up spirit will now have an increased stat and an additional attack.

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