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Moonstone Island: How to Heal Spirits



Moonstone island: Heal Spirits

Spirits are Pokemon-like creatures that players can tame and house in either a barn or inside the Pocket Dimension. As the fights are fought with Spirits, the players must take care of them throughout the journey. It is best to keep their HP to max both in battles and outside of battles because you never know when you encounter an unfriendly spirit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal Spirits in Moonstone Island.

How to Heal Spirits in Moonstone Island

The Spirits can be healed at any time in the game but you will need an item named “Lilypad” that grants the effect of healing and stamina. Lilypad is one of the plants that you can find near the water areas on various islands. Go near the Lilypad in the water and press the E Button or Left-Click to pick up the Lilypad and store it in your inventory. To heal the spirits, you need to feed the Lilypad plant to the spirits. You can do that by two different methods.

  • If you are in a battle and the spirit is low on HP, select the Feed option from the bottom left corner of the screen select the Lilypad, and press the Spacebar Key to feed the Lilypad to the spirit to replenish their HP. Each Lilypad plant replenishes 15 HP and 20 Stamina.
  • If you are outside of battle and your spirit is low on HP, you can feed Lilypad to the spirit by going inside the Pocket Dimension. Hold the Q Button and equip the Moonstone Medallion from the tool wheel and then use the Medallion to enter the Pocket Dimension. Once there, go near the spirit you want to heal and interact with it. Select the Feed option and then select the Lilypad from your inventory to heal the Spirit.

Lilypad is one of the most useful plants in Moonstone Island and fortunately, you will be able to find them quite often as you walk alongside the water areas of the islands. So, make sure to pick up every Lilypad plant you find along your adventure to provide your spirits with HP whenever they are low. Apart from healing your spirits, it is best that you level them up as well. It will increase their stats which will allow them to win battles more often.

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