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Payday 3: Under the Surphaze – Mission Guide



Payday 3: Under the Surphaze Mission

Under the Surphaze is the fifth heist mission in Payday 3 in which players have to loot the expensive paintings on display at Surphaze Art Gallery for the Beckett client. 

We will be covering all the main objectives of the Under the Surphaze Heist mission in Payday 3.

Under the Surphaze – Walkthrough

You can play the Under the Surphaze heist mission at any point in the game but if you are completing the heist missions in chronological order then you will be able to start it after completing the Rock the Cradle heist mission. Start the Matchmaking in either Public or Invite Only to start the mission.

Access Exhibition Room E1

You can enter the Art Gallery by going through the front courtyard and lockpicking the door. Alternatively, you can go up the metal staircase and mask up to use the cutter on the window to enter the 2nd floor of the Art Gallery. The Exhibition Room E1 is on the first floor and you will have to find the phone and scan it to enter the Exhibition Room. You can find the Phones on the first floor at the following location.

  • Bar
  • Bathroom
  • Employee Only Room

After finding and scanning the QR codes on the phones, you need to disable the Security Bars on the first floor by activating the console. You can find the console at the bar location.  To disable the Security Bars, you need to stand in the white circles placed around the first floor to fill the green meter. Be aware of the guards as they can detect you so play it safe and disable the security.

Once the security bars have been disabled, go to Exhibition E1 and scan the QR code lock to open the gate to the exhibition.

Steal the Greg Jud Painting From E1

Enter the Exhibition Room E1 and loot the painting from the glass either by lockpicking it or using the cutter. After looting the painting, you can give the bag to one of your allies or go back to the van and place it at the back of the van.

Steal the Vicario Paintings

There are 2 Vicario Paintings that you need to steal from the second floor. Both the paintings will be placed in different Exhibition Rooms and you can locate the rooms by accessing the computer in the Manager’s Office which is also on the 2nd floor. Make your way to the second floor and lockpick the office to get inside. Hack the computer and interact with it to view the locations for Pedro Vicario Paintings. For us, it was in E5 and E6 Rooms.

However, before you go to the rooms to collect the paintings, you will have to get the respective QR codes to enter the rooms and also you need to disable the Security Bars. You can find the QR for the rooms on the phones located at the following locations on the second floor.

  • Break Room
  • Manager’s Office
  • Server Room

After scanning the phones to get the QR code, it’s time to disable the security bars. You can find the device to activate the process on the balcony of the 2nd floor and you need to repeat the process of standing in the white circles until the security bars are disabled.

Once the security bars have been disabled, find the rooms and unlock the room by scanning the QR. Each room has motion and laser traps so, you need to make your way around the traps slowly and interact with the power switch to turn them off. Now, each room will have two identical Vicario Paintings and you need to loot the one that is real. You can figure out which one is real by putting UV light on the paintings. One of the paintings will have blood spots on it which indicates that it is the real one.

Repeat the same process for the second Vicario Painting in the other room and take the paintings to the van to complete the objective.

Steal Uma Ladette Painting

The last painting that you need to steal from the Art Gallery is the Uma Ladette painting. You need to make your way to the Manager’s Office again and access the computer to find the location for Uma Ladette Painting. If you read the email for the Uma Ladette painting, you will notice that there are two paintings held in different locations and only one of them is real, similar to Vicario Paintings. However, the real painting cannot be judged by a UV light and you will need a Spectrophotometer and a Flash Drive to locate the real one.

Fortunately, the Flash Drive is inside the safe located behind a secret compartment inside the Manager’s Office. Open the compartment and unlock the safe to get the Flash Drive. For the Spectrophotometer, you need to pick it up from the Server Room. Pick up the Spectrophotometer and go to one of the locations of the Uma Ladette Painting. Place the Spectrophotometer anywhere and first disable the traps by interacting with the power switch in the room.

You need to remove the glass first before the Spectrophotometer can analyze the painting whether it’s real or fake. Picklock the glass or use the cutter to remove the glass. After that, pick up the Spectrophotometer and place it in front of the painting. Look on the screen of the Spectrophotometer to see the painting’s authentication. If the painting is authentic, plug in the Flash Drive to remove the painting’s security and loot the painting.


After looting the last painting, you can make your way back to the van to store the painting on the back of the van and escape to conclude the heist.

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