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Payday 3: No Rest for the Wicked – Mission Guide



Payday 3: No Rest for the Wicked - Mission Guide

Payday 3 has eight different heist missions in total, from which players can choose anyone to begin their return journey to Payday. No Rest for the Wicked is the first mission in Payday 3, which will warm up players for their Payday experience.

This guide will cover all the objectives of the No Rest for the Wicked mission in Payday 3 to help you make your first heist mission a success.

No Rest for the Wicked – Walkthrough

If you have played previous Payday titles, you may have an idea of Stealth and Loud plays. But if you are a new player, you can do this mission either in stealth or by going into the bank with guns to get the money. However, the loud method will get you to fight enemies shortly after you have alerted the authorities, so make sure that you and your team (if playing in Public Matchmaking) are ready for it.

Enter the Bank

You can enter the bank from the front gate with your team without putting on your masks to complete the objective, but you need to access the bank’s private area to do the rest of the objectives. To do this, it is best to go to the bank’s parking area (left side of the bank’s front gate) and picklock the fence gate at the end. Make your way up to the steel staircase in front and go up to the roof. Take out the camera by shooting at it with a silenced pistol and enter the bank from the roof section.

Turn Off Power to the Gate

To turn off the power to the gate, go to the ground floor. There will be a guard with a blue keycard, which you will need later. Crouch behind the guard and steal the keycard without alerting anyone. Now, stay in a crouch stance and make your way to the right side to enter a room with a power switch. There will be a worker in the room, but you can easily turn off the switch without alerting the worker. Now, make your way back to the staircase.

Disable the Security System/Find the Power Room

To disable the security system, you need to get inside the power room, which will require a red keycard. You can get the red keycard from the guard on the first floor. Go up to the first floor and look for the guard on patrol with a red keycard. Steal the card from behind or kill the guard to get the key card.

Note: Killing any guard will trigger their radio, so you will have to answer the radio in time to avoid alerting other guards.

Disable the Security System/Find the Power Room

After getting the red keycard, go to the right side of the staircase to find the power room. Interact with the console to scan the keycard and open the door to get inside the power room. Now, hack the computer in the power room and wait for the security system to get disabled.

Flip the Right Switches

Once the security system has been disabled, activate the cable controller terminal in the power room to see which switch you need to flip to open the gate. Now, make your way back to the ground floor and go to the left side to reach the gate. Open the case of the lock and flip the correct switch color to open the gate.

Open the Vault

The vault is just ahead of the door you just opened, but to open the vault, you will need to get an executive. To find the executive, go back through the door and go to the room on the left side at the end of the hallway to find the executive. Picklock the door and get inside to grab the executive. Order the executive to follow you and go to the vault. Push the executive toward the eye scanner to get through the first lock of the vault.

Now, go back to the executive office and interact with the computer to get the code for the vault. There will be four different codes that will show in the objective log, and you need to try them one by one to get inside the vault.

Loot the Vault

Before you start looting the money, make sure that all of your team is inside the vault. This is because the money stacks are rigged with dye packs that will go off after a short moment if they are not disabled. As you picklock the gate in which the money stacks are placed, everyone on your team should disable the dye packs first and then start looting the vault. If the dye packs go off, you will not be able to loot certain money stacks.

Loot the Vault

Once the dye packs are disabled, loot the money and equip the money bag to make your way toward the escape van.

Steal and Secure Money

The safest way to the van is through the alley on the right side of the bank. You will need to first open the gate to the alley by picking its lock and then order

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