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Payday 3: How to Unequip or Reset Your Skills



Payday 3: Unequip or Reset Skills

There are over 100 Skills in Payday 3 that enhance certain stats of your character and can be used to make a certain type of build for your playthrough of Payday 3. However, there is only a possibility of unlocking 21 Skills in total because you can only earn 21 Skill Points in Payday 3 by leveling up your Infamy Level. There is a possibility that you might end up unlocking a skill that you didn’t want or want to make a whole new build for your character, for which you will have to unequip a skill or reset all skills completely.

If you are looking to know how you can unequip or reset your skills in Payday 3, then this guide is for you.

How to Unequip or Reset Your Skills in Payday 3

Unequipping or Resetting your Skills in Payday 3 is fairly easy as it can be done without any additional cost of money or Skill Points. To unequip or reset the skills, you must first go to the Skills section which can be found under the Loadout Tab in the main menu. From there, you need to select a skill from the respective Skill Tree that you need to unequip and then press the T Button. Doing so will unequip the skill for your character and you will gain back the Skill Point which then can be spent on another Skill of a Researched Skill Tree.

Similarly, if you want to Reset all of your skills, you need to hold the T Button. It will give you all the spent Skill Points back to you which you can then use to unlock other skills from the various Skill Trees.   

The grind to the max Infamy Level in Payday 3 is long so, it is a good thing to change the builds for your character to replay the heist missions in different ways or complete the challenges to not get bored of the game.

That is all related to how to unequip or reset your skills in Payday 3.

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