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Pikmin 4 – Where to Find Russ



Pikmin 4: Where to Find Russ

Pikmin 4 is an Adventure Real-Time Strategy and Puzzle Video game in which players will get to go on an adventure to an unknown planet that has mysterious creatures on it. Players will have to find all of the missing officers from Rescue Corps as it is one of the main missions of the game. One of the missing officer’s name is Russ and Russ is the Scientist whose knowledge would be profound during the whole rescue mission.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you where you can find Russ in Pikmin 4.

Where to Find Russ in Pikmin 4

To find Russ, players will have to go to the Sun-Speckled Terrace area which can be reached once players have fixed the S.S. Shepherd and finish the first day of exploration. After that, players will get to begin the 2nd day of exploration in the Sun-Speckled Terrace area where they can find other missing officers. Once there, players need to gather as many Red Pikmins as they can to move ahead. Russ’s position is unknown so, players would have to command Pup to pick up his scent to find him easily.

Press the Y Button to option actions and then use the Left Stick to select the Command Action. Select the Scent as an action to give order to Pup and then follow Pup to get to the location of Russ. As players follow Pup, they will come up on a Sand Wall. Use the Red Pikmins to Demolish the wall. Go past the wall to reach a giant hole named “Last-Frost Cavern Sublevel 1”. Enter the hole and players will get to fight a number of creatures along with a snow creature.

Take down the creatures and go along the path to reach an area blocked by Hydro Jelly. The Hydro Jelly can only be broken by freezing them and to do that, players will have to unlock Ice Pikmin. Make sure to unlock Ice Pikmin before getting here and after that, order Ice Pikmin to freeze the Hydro Jelly and order Pup to rush through the Hydro Jelly to break it.

Behind the Hydro Jelly, players will find a frozen missing officer. Order Pikmins to carry it over to S.S. Beagle and once it is done, Captain Shepherd will confirm that he is Russ, the missing Scientist. After that, players can choose to leave the Hole or explore to find more resources or treasures in the area.

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