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“Playing New World is safe”: Amazon on reports of video card failure when playing MMO



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After the release of New World, players continued to complain that the MMO was failing their graphics cards. On 6 October, the company commented on these reports, stating that the cause of what was happening was not the game itself.

We have received a small number of reports of GeForce RTX card owners experiencing problems when playing New World. We have investigated thoroughly and verified that there is no unusual activity on the MMO side that could be causing the malfunction.

From Amazon’s statement

The company recalled that the video card manufacturer EVGA had previously confirmed problems on its part, attributing it to faulty soldering of the transistors.

EVGA has previously acknowledged manufacturing issues with some GeForce RTX series adapters. It’s safe to play New World, and anyone encountering hardware issues is advised to contact the manufacturer.

From Amazon’s statement

Few reports continue to appear on social media that some graphics cards may malfunction when playing New World. However, even the approximate number of players who have experienced malfunctions is unknown.

The first reports that RTX 3000 series graphics cards could fail when playing New World appeared in July 2021. At that time EVGA not only acknowledged the problem but also promised to replace the broken adapters.

Other manufacturers with video cards that had problems after the release have not yet commented on the situation. However, as noted on the network, vendors do exchange adapters under warranty.

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