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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Solve Lithographic Stones Puzzle



Lithographic Stone Puzzle

Lithographic Stones Puzzle is one of the main puzzles n the Castle that players will have to solve in order to get to Ashley. After players have solved the Crimson Lantern Puzzle in the Wine Cellar area, they will have to go through the next corridor to the left side to reach the room with Lithographic Stones puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Lithographic Stones Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Solving Lithographic Stones Puzzle

Lithographic Stones Puzzle requires four Lithographic Stones in the accurate position to be solved. When you look at the wall, you will see only 1 Lithographic Stone, you need to get the rest of the 3 Lithographic Stones and place them on the wall. You can find all three Lithographic Stones in the same room at the following positions.

  1. Lithographic Stone B is on the bookshelf on the left side of the puzzle wall.
  2. Lithographic Stone C is on the table on the left side when you enter the room.
  3. Lithographic Stone D is in the Glass Showcase which is hanging on the wall. Break the glass to get the Lithographic Stone.
Lithographic Stone D

After obtaining all the Stone Pieces, Now, place them one by one in all of the Stone locations on the wall. You can rotate each one of the Lithographic Stones to see which picture it represents and you need to match it with the picture or shape on the wall. As 2 of the shapes and pictures will be removed from the wall so, you will have to try different stones on those 2 locations to see which one is the correct one. You need to place the following Lithographic Stones at the following positions on the wall.

TOP: Red Shield in Square Shape.

BOTTOM: Blue Armor in Hexagon Shape.

LEFT: Red Helmet in Hexagon Shape.

RIGHT: Blue Sword in Square Shape.

Solved Lithographic Stone Puzzle

After placing the Lithographic Stones in their accurate positions, the wall will move and a new path will be revealed.

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