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Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Doll Workshop Puzzle



Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Doll Workshop Puzzle

After escaping from Dimitrescu Castle, you will face the terrifying Puppet Maker in the Beneviento House. Resident Evil Village’s second great location isn’t about shooting monsters; instead, you will have to solve a big puzzle. The Beneviento Estate basement is packed with puzzles, and if you’re struggling with any aspect of the game, we have solutions for every step. It’s a really scary sequence. If you’re too overwhelmed, here’s how to complete each part of this massive puzzle.

If you thought RE8 wasn’t going to be as scary as the previous entries in the series, then you thought wrong. Beneviento House presents one of the strangest encounters in the series to date. There are two encounters that you will have to deal with here, and one of them is completely unpredictable. Resident Evil is a series known for terrifying monsters, but this one creature has to be in the top five instantly. Buckle up for an hour of stomach-churning play.

How to solve the doll workshop puzzle

The Doll Workshop is a massive multi-step puzzle, all centering on a full-size doll that looks suspiciously like Ethan’s long-lost wife, Rose. Before proceeding, find these three key elements by interacting with the doll.

  • Get the Silver Key: Interact with the Rose doll on the table in the middle of the Doll Workshop. Remove your right hand, then interact with your right arm – you’ll remove a piece and reveal the hidden silver key.
  • Get the winding key: Interact with the left leg of the Rose doll. Remove the leg and you will find the hidden rope key. We won’t use this until much later.
  • Get the Blood Covered Ring: Next, interact with Rose’s Left-Hand doll. You will be able to remove the ring covered in blood.

Doll Workshop Lock Code: Use the silver key to open the engine room door in the Doll Workshop.

  • In the engine room, use the sink on the left. Turn on the water, then use the blood-covered ring on the sink to clean it. Now you can examine the wedding ring and discover the numbers [ to 05-29-11 ].
  • Enter the code into the lock on the exit door of the Doll Workshop room.

Storage room puzzle: Go to the storage room and use the string key on the music box. Change the cylinders so that the stripes line up; start by lining up the left / right sides and work your way in. Use the image above to get the exact combination.

  • Get the Tweezers: Tap the music box with the cylinders in the correct position to get the tweezers.
  • Get the movie: Use the tweezers on the Rose doll in the Doll Workshop: interact with the mouth and you will get the movie.

Studio Movie Puzzle: Go to the studio and use the movie on the movie projector. Change the film so that the images are in this order, from left to right.

  • Stuffed animal
  • Black fairy tale book
  • Image of Rosemary (Baby)
  • Music Box
  • Wedding ring

Get the scissors: Put the movie in order and play the projector. A secret door will open in the study. Go inside to collect the scissors.

  • Get the Brass Locket: Use the scissors on the bandages blocking the way in the secret room. Go back to the doll workshop and use the scissors on the Rose doll’s chest to remove the bandages.

Doll Workshop Medallion Puzzle: Go down the hall in the doll workshop and use the bronze medallion on the door. Now you need to interact with the other two medallions and select the correct symbol.

  • Upper left symbol: A crow flying, looking to the right. You will find this symbol in the eye of the Rose doll.
  • Bottom symbol: Three closed eyes. You will find this symbol on the right arm of the Rose doll.

After completing the puzzle, you will gain access to the well. Collect the key at the bottom of the well and, on the way back, you will have to deal with a very terrifying threat. The rest of this area is linear, but it’s also ridiculously scary. Don’t be too scared. Good luck.

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